Opponents are calling for a decline of Quebec for the kindergarten at 4 years old

Des opposants réclament un recul de Québec pour la maternelle à 4 ans

MONTREAL — A united front composed of organisations representative of educational childcare services and interveners in early childhood urge the government Legault to move back to the universal deployment of the kindergarten for children 4 years of age, a measure described as “powder in the eyes” by elected representatives of the three opposition parties in Quebec city.

At a press conference, Sunday, the quebec Council of educational services for early childhood (CQSEPE) and the Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ-CSQ) have argued that educational childcare services already offered everything you need for children of 4 years.

The government Legault wants to expand access to kindergarten for children of 4 years for the learning disabilities are detected earlier, but according to Francine Lessard, director of the CQSEPE, day care services, already perform these steps.

“Early detection is a daily reality in the educational services. There is the observation which is made daily, there are contacts with parents every day,” she said.

The organisations were accompanied by three deputies of the opposition: the liberal Jennifer Maccarone, the solidarity Vincent Marissal and the pq’s Véronique Hivon, who did not mince their words in denouncing the government’s plan, which, according to them, lack of realism, while being illogical.

“With this government, we feel a bit like some sort of Hogwarts with Harry Roberge, who pulls out his magic wand, saying do you do not, we will build schools, we are going to put the nursery 4 years, there will be more money”, was illustrated by Mr. Marissal, referring to the novel Harry Potter.

Ms. Hivon believes that childcare and kindergarten 4 years of age should be complementary. According to her, “putting all of its eggs” in the basket of mother 4 years of age, the government is on the wrong track.

“When we are talking about real choice, but that it is investing $ 700 million in the project only in kindergarten 4 years, not counting the investments in infrastructure and that we have not heard a word on the importance of consolidating the network of educational services for early childhood (…) what is the message sent?”

Mp Jennifer Maccarone said to be an “example” to prove that the early detection works in early childhood Centres. Her two children with the disorder of autism spectrum, had been detected in CPE, at the age of 3 years.

“Why say that we will invest in kindergarten 4 years within our schools when we can invest in our network of care that is known around the world, which, as we know, already responds to the needs of our children?”, she supported him.

Apology from the prime minister

The CQSEPE and the FIPEQ-CSQ the are also calling for an apology from the prime minister François Legault, who has seemed to devalue the skills of the technicians of the guard in the room this week.

“So, what’s the problem to say to parents : You have the choice between a daycare with two-thirds of employees who are technicians of care or kindergarten for four years, teachers with the entire team of specialists in the primary school?”, the prime minister said in the chamber last Thursday.

Valérie Grenon, president of the FIPEQ-CSQ, has denounced these comments as “disparaging and contemptuous”.

“It looks like a replica of mononc’ old, that we said: “Ah, bin you you keepers of the children”. Bin non. It is des intervenantes en petite enfance, has been training for ages 0-5 years”, she lamented.

The universal deployment of the kindergarten for children 4 years of age is a significant promise of the prime minister François Legault. During the election campaign, he had even put his seat in play.

But according to the common front, it is not too late to back out and the opposition ensures that it does it criticised not have betrayed a promise.

“The idea is not that it makes a complete 180 degrees, it is that it is open to debate with the people of the community, the experts,” stressed Ms. Hivon.

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