Out of breath, Inouk

Michel Tassé
The Voice of the East

À bout de souffle, les Inouk

CHRONIC / For a long time, I thought that the Inouk went right to the top honours this season. This team, well directed, seemed to me, was almost perfect, with good players at each position.

But now, things are more difficult for Inouk for some time. Before the Holidays, it was felt that fatigue would settle in the camp granbyen and, since the return from the break (sheet 3-2-1), everything is much more complicated. It looks like a team out of breath.

No, you can’t say that the Inouk have had it easy since the beginning of the season. The case of the players ineligible, which ended up costing three wins and six points, has hurt more than players and leaders wanted to suggest. But since this team is resilient, she bounced back. And then, there has been and there continues to be injuries and wounds.

I have not calculated the number of games missed by players of Inouk because of injuries and I don’t know if it is higher than the average. But the number of matches missed by key players (Nicolas Roy, 27, Félip Bourdeau, 16, and Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard, 27), he is impressive.

The departure of Thomas Caron, who completed wonderfully, William Leblanc, and Louis-Philippe Denis on the first trio, was also a bad news. But in this case, we say that the junior AAA is used to develop players for the big QMJHL…

The defensive Inouk — with the Lavoie, Lampron, Risk, Major, Belzile and Nadeau — remains solid. But the attack, too often, is the case of a single trio, of course, that of Leblanc, which greatly facilitates the task of the opponent.

Recently, an assistant coach of a team from the LHJAAAQ, said to me : “To beat Granby, it’s not complicated, it is necessary to master the first line. If you succeed it, it is almost sure that you’ll win “.

It is precisely this that the Titan de Princeville and the French College of Longueuil have made lately. Both times, Leblanc has been cleared of the score sheet, while Denis has amassed a small pass against the French College. Too little for Inouk prevail…

It is difficult to ask for more to Leblanc, always the best scorer in the league with 51 goals and 92 points, and Denis, which shows 78 points. But clearly, they are monitored more by the opponent, are given more shots (especially Leblanc) and there are some nights more difficult than others. And there will be others.

The problem is that they are not a ton to be able to take over when Leblanc and Denis are handcuffed in the absence of Roy and Bourdeau. If you look at the column of markers of Inouk, you will see that the best striker of the team after Denis is Tristan Belliveau with 33 points, which is 45 less than the 20-year veteran. And then, among the active players on the offensive, it is Lawrence Mainville with… 24 points.

In contrast, the return of Raphael Bouchard, who has already amassed twelve points in as many games. But the Inouk need more of the other.

Question of a better balance in his attack, Patrice Bosch will he separate Leblanc and Denis ? The question arises. And I am convinced that Bosch is the also raises.

Nicolas Roy could return to the game in the next two weeks, it seems. As to Félip Bourdeau, struggling with a concussion, it is nothingness. In fact, you never know when a player is the victim of a concussion will come back.

You can see the frustration win the Inouk. It was very obvious in the wake of the defeat by the French College. And this is quite normal. It is even healthy. The players of this team are put in the head that they were going to go to the end and they don’t like what is happening currently, they do not like to lose in the face of the clubs that they will have to fight to achieve their goals.

But some will not have the choice to give more. And Patrice Bosch may need to be more creative. In the meantime, at least, the return of the seriously injured.

True that 12 of the 13 teams will make the playoffs in the LHJAAAQ, that there is no danger in the house. But you know, this is never a good idea to take bad folds during the season…

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