August 18, 2022
Outside of Paolo Pezulano's plans, Cruzeiro is seeking an agreement to terminate his contract with the defender

Outside of Paolo Pezulano’s plans, Cruzeiro is seeking an agreement to terminate his contract with the defender

Sea trip

In an effort to reform the team and reduce salaries, the Council demands the termination of the defender who did not accept the salary adjustment

Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro
© Photo: Gustavo Alexo / CruzeiroPhoto: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

Sports Directorate Sea trip He analyzes the situation of players who have a contract, but are not in the team’s plans for this season. Among them are defenders Ramon, This is not in the plans of the technician Paolo Pezulano But that matters Atlético jo. Hit the player with the Dragon Advanced, but it is necessary to end the association with the Minas Gerais team. However, there are pending issues to be closed.

Ramon Out of plans, but there is a debt of Fox With player outstanding employment related to past seasons. The talks are being held by the club’s new football team, which arrived after selling shares in it pure. The defender’s departure came with a decision of the board of directors, as he receives high salaries in relation to the budget and did not accept the reduction proposed by the current administration.

Sea trip Reinforcements have been hired for the job this season, and they are: Maicon, Matthews Silva and Sydney. behind – on the other side, Eduardo Brock It stays in the group, the intent is that Matthew Vieira e Pee, players from the Raposa U-20 team, were promoted to the main team, after the end of Copina. Ramon’s arrival to the team in 2020 was quite controversial.

The defender signed a pre-contract with the team in 2019 and performed in Sea trip. At that time, there was a change in Management For the club and they needed a salary adjustment. Where the player was released, but returned to the team months later. In nearly two years with the club defender He played 73 matches, and had his best moments in the second round of Série B of the 2020 season.

In the team led by the coach Luis Felipe ScolariThis sector was the highlight of the team at the time. last season, Ramon He started in most games, but fluctuated in competition. Ramon He played 44 games as a rookie, but ended up as a reserve in Vanderley Luxembourg, remain without entering the field in the last six rounds.