P-A Méthot: please no flips

P-A Méthot: plaire sans pirouettes

This Saturday, February 16, P-A Méthot will rise on the stage of the Palace de Granby twice rather than once. The front two rooms near the attic, the comedian will provide a dual representation of her new show, the beautiful, in the afternoon and the other in the evening.

“This is the new fashion ! lance of him who has previously served larger-than-life. There are so many comedy shows that it is difficult to be booker of the additional. So, we actually doubled. Honestly, it is not so demanding. I even did three per day in Rimouski. The most difficult thing is to remember to say “hello” instead of “hello”. And then the second representation is really sickening because I’m still on the adrenaline of the first. “

It must be said that a man of 45 years old is in great shape for some time. After the installation of a pacemaker last year, he made more attention to his health and has lost almost 75 pounds. But it is especially psychologically that have made the biggest changes, the ones that inspired the title of his second one man show — already stopped before the weight loss, it should be noted-the.

“I assume a lot more now. If there is a constant face in my life, this is my fear not to bother, to displease and disappoint. In my first show, I felt somehow, like everyone else, I had to make my proofs. Now, I am more prepared, in any way, I can allow more, to speak of subjects of which I have the taste to talk about and how I want to talk about it, ” he says.


In short, he has stopped making the beautiful out of a desire to please at any price. “I will not be on the red carpet to make me wonder who dresses me tonight. I have 45 years old, it was me who dresses himself as a great “, says he to the joke.

Weddings, lunches for parents, the funeral, in short, “all the places where you don’t really want to go and where far too many people are hypocrites” suffer the same fate in his show, the first part dwells at length on his health and weight — given that this is what has occupied a good part of his year 2018.

And ironically, it is since he stopped doing pirouettes to be loved, and that the public will appreciate the most. “Discovered” late in life ” after a long time of the corpos and the first parties, it has been more than 300 000 tickets in 495 performances of his first one-man show, larger-than-life, presented to the four corners of Québec between 2013 and 2017.

Just comes to be one of the first in Montreal and Quebec city for his second show that already over 75 000 tickets have been sold, which is not without appeal to P-A Méthot, who was afraid to be forgotten during his convalescence. “I think people appreciate that we put aside the fake, that is true. What sets me apart from others, I think, is that I’m not threatening because I do not aimed at anyone in particular. When I laugh from someone, it is basically me. I think it gives me a little bit of a friendly and endearing, as if I was telling anecdotes in a gang of buddies. “

It will, without question, a good dose of love in Granby Saturday, since his gang will have approximately 1800 friends.


What : the beautiful, P-A Méthot

When : this Saturday, February 16, 15 h and 20 h

Where : at the Palace de Granby

Tickets : www.ovation.qc.ca

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