August 19, 2022
Paes promises to help Flamengo own their own stadium and proposes the Deodoro zone |  flamingo

Paes promises to help Flamengo own their own stadium and proposes the Deodoro zone | flamingo

Dialogue seeks consensus on venue and promise of consent. in this way, flamingo And Rio City Hall are discussing building a stadium for the club in the coming years. At an event to formalize the donation of structures used at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to Portuguesa da Ilha, Eduardo Paes spoke on the subject.

Eduardo Paes at a party in Luso Brasileiro – Photo: GloboEsporte

The mayor confirmed the meeting with the head flamingoRodolfo Landim, last Sunday and explained the possibilities of launching a business in the Olympic Park or in Deodoro.

– President Landim came to me, we had a conversation in the mayor’s official house and what I said was that there is no problem to do this in the Olympic Park, but it is a private space. We sold that area so we wouldn’t spend the money. If they buy it, I’ll be happy.

“I suggested to him and I think the Deodoro region is cheaper, there in the army. We know the good relationship between President Landim and President Bolsonaro, there is Transulimbeca, there is the rapid transit buses, there is the train … complicated, but it was a proposal”

Eduardo Paes made it clear that he would not put obstacles in the way of launching the Red and Black project and stressed that the construction does not represent a definitive departure from the Maracanã.

– what flamingo Present I am a complete supporter. a flamingo He deserves to have a playground. A club this big, this far… I think President Landim’s insecurity regarding the Markana, not that flamingo Don’t go there, the Maracana belongs to Rio de Janeiro, world football, but that makes sense flamingo We have a playground. Everything I can help get her out will come out. This is not my decision, but I make suggestions. If they buy the Olympic Park area, I would gladly agree to it too.

Flamengo and Fluminense continue the dispute over control of the Maracana – Photo: Divlugação / Fluminense

While discussing its stadium construction, flamingo He’s still in the race to take over the Maracana for a long time to come in the coming years. The club recently confirmed that it will participate in the bidding process in partnership with Fluminense.

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