October 2, 2022
"Pain like shards of glass in the lips"

“Pain like shards of glass in the lips”

Monkeypox (monkeypox) is not a new disease, but a disease She only became popular in the past few months, when the international outbreak has infected people in several countries of the world outside Africa, where the condition is considered endemic. Although the symptoms include very visible cuts, there are still few reports of what it really means to have monkeypox to those who suffer from this disease.

Attorney Joao Pinheiro used Twitter to share his experience and promote information about the case. He was in Europe in July, and upon his return to Brazil, he noticed a mouth ulcer that did not disappear. Symptoms developed into tiredness, fatigue, mild fever, and pain at the site of the injury.

The young man decided to go to the hospital for symptoms and was immediately checked for monkeypox. The test was positive, the pain worsened, and other infections appeared.

“These cuts don’t hurt, they itch like a mosquito bite. I had some on my face, but they really came out and didn’t leave any marks. However, the mouth wound was worth every other cut I could get. Doctors say it’s because it’s in mucous membrane, things are getting tougher,” says Joao, on Twitter.

A week after symptoms startThe lawyer recalls that the pain in the mouth got worse. According to him, the area swelled so much that he could not eat. “The pain I can describe is: Several glass shards on my lips and pliers you press on. It’s localized pain but polyneuropathy, terrible, 10 out of 10,” he says.

At the height of his symptoms, Joao says he was treated poorly by the health professionals who treated him at a private hospital in São Paulo. Doctors said he had to “hold on tight” until the pain was gone. Joao changed hospitals, and stayed in the hospital. He is on the eleventh day of symptoms and is receiving treatment for pain.

According to the report, the young man was in close contact with only one person during the flight, and he did not show symptoms. João complains about the prejudices of people with smallpox: he says that Infected people are treated as if they were “dirty people”.

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