Painting of the Quebec bridge: six to eight times more expensive for Quebec

Peinture du pont de Québec: de six à huit fois plus cher pour le Québec

The applications of six-to-eight times higher than the federal government would complicate negotiations with the government of Quebec in the folder of the painting of the Quebec bridge.

The issue is back on the table Thursday during question period in the national Assembly as the mna solidarity Sol Zanetti has called on the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, accusing his government of failing to maintain or make improvements to it pressing on the bridge of Québec, wishes to the realization of a third link between Quebec city and Lévis. “So what’s the plan? Is this what it is to let wither the bridge to finally find an argument for the third link?”, asked the member for Jean-Lesage.

Describing the Quebec bridge second-link extremely important for motorists”, Mr. Bonnardel was first stated that his government’s priority was the investment of $ 200 million to the deck of the bridge of Quebec city and then indicate that requests the federal government to the painting of the bridge had increased significantly in a short period of time. “In 2014, the government of the time had signed an agreement, if I may say so, with the federal government to invest approximately $ 25 million. Five years later, the requests from the federal government for painting the bridge at the height of 150 to $ 200 million, ” said Bonnardel.


“Then you will understand that for us, security is important. This bridge is safe. For us, the apron that we must redo is important and we will focus now, with our negotiations with the federal government, for the tramway in Quebec. It is our priority”, he added.

Later, the minister of Transport has repeated requests to Ottawa for the painting of the Quebec bridge were too high. “What the federal government asks us today, it is 150 to 200 million $. This is a sum extremely important. One must invest before anything else $ 200 million on the deck of the bridge. This is where we will focus and on our negotiations for the tramway in Quebec.”

Closer to Québec city and Ottawa

During this time, the Family minister and member of parliament for Quebec Jean-Yves Duclos is on a mission to bring Quebec and Ottawa in the folder of the Quebec Bridge. Considering that his government has done a good part of the way to bring the CN around the table in this folder, it now claims to want to “strengthen ties” with the government of Quebec.

“Here, we want to bring everyone around the same table. The Bridge, it’s part of the issues that one wants to address,” said Mr. Duclos on the sidelines of the annual gathering of business people at the Centre of the fair without giving a timeline. “It is necessary to put an end to this unpleasant situation and the solution will require a collaboration between Ottawa and Quebec,” he continued, and believed to be “close to an agreement” with CN, which owns the bridge. “And we need to strengthen the links between Québec and Ottawa to seal the opening of the CN,” said Mr. Duclos.

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