February 1, 2023

Paiva highlights the tactical work and explains the selection of the starting line-up

Source: Playback / Bahêa TV

On one of the first nights, Bahia beat Juazeirense by a score of 3 to 1, in Pituaçu, opening Baianão with three points.

Among the newcomers was coach Renato Paiva, who led the team in the technical field and claimed that he was satisfied with the performance of his athletes on the field, in addition to appreciating the fans’ role in the victory and thanking them for what they gave. the support.

“Before, he was talking about the environment we saw here today. I already knew the strength and passion of this crowd, but today, in that first game, it was important that they were with us, because they will also be there throughout the season in good times and in bad times. He was the player XII. We want to win for them and for them. The players have had this affection and that’s important, “Paiva emphasized.

team performance

Renato admitted that he saw errors and fluctuations in the team’s performance, but highlighted the interesting moments and good defense throughout the 90 minutes.

He also commented on the team’s gradual entry into the game and development of goal-scoring confidence.

“A normal game at the start of the season, with some mistakes and some swings in terms of performance. It wasn’t such a linear display, but it had interesting moments. I think we were very forced defensively. We conceded a set-piece, which is a great goal and we have to To give credit to the opposition, but we were fine, we were consistent in defence. Then, gradually getting into the game, it wasn’t a strong start, as we would like, but we gained confidence, which is normal, because consistency is on a daily basis.”

Between the oscillations and the lights, Paiva claims to be satisfied with his first game for Bahia.

“We are happy to start winning, especially since we have very important moments both offensively and defensively. Then, our opponent’s appreciation. In the first half hour it was difficult to get in because of the opposition’s organization. It’s a long way, the season is long, but I think we started well.”

The Bahia squad, the newcomers and the athletes who were in the club

About the signings made, he commented that they would be valuable to the team, but that the cast hadn’t closed yet. He also talked about the adaptation process for players and the importance of the challenging game.

“These are signings that we’re evaluating. We and the management have evaluated them and we think they’ll help us a lot. Those and others. The cast is a long way from closing, but the team that came in has clearly been in the works for four weeks.”

The starting lineup included only three newly signed players among the starters. According to Renato Paiva, the idea was to put players on the field who could give a performance that could meet their requirements, as well as to emphasize the interaction factor.

The team we felt were most willing to provide an answer. Not only prepared at the individual level, but also in the connections we want to create within the domain. Obviously there are players who adapt faster, there are players who have been out of action and are still not physically fit to respond to the level and demand that we want. We want a demanding game for our players“.

Emphasis on teamwork

Renato Paiva was particularly satisfied with his team’s tactical work in Petuaso.

“So a very positive response from the group. Today was a very important lesson for the team and the group, because in those first matches there were many mistakes and there was always a close colleague to correct them. This was clear and indicated tactical work by a team playing together, but also solidarity in terms of Defensive. A very positive record for the premiere and those who were already here. Rezende played a great game, Daniel, Goulart, Borel, they all did well.”

He also indicates that he intends to use as many players as possible during the first quarter, due to the frequency of two games per week.

“I highlight the collegiality. In the locker room, I also told those who did not enter that one day and then another. There will be matches every three days and there is no superman here.”