February 6, 2023

Palliative Therapy: See Key Objectives of the Approach to Pele – 12/24/2022

With colon (bowel) cancer that had already spread to the liver and lungs, Pele was hospitalized for 26 days at the Albert Einstein Hospital. At the beginning of the month, doctors said that the treatment could not prevent the progression of the disease and the football king was placed in palliative care.

This approach aims to provide comfort, quality of life and alleviation of the suffering of the terminally ill patient. Next, we introduce its basic concepts.

“We will do everything we can to not only help you die in peace, but also help you live [da melhor forma possível] Until the day you die Cecily Saunders, a British physician who pioneered palliative care

The above sentence summarizes the concept of palliative care, which has major objectives:

  • Relieving pain and other symptoms
  • Do not hasten or delay death
  • Supporting the patient to live as actively as possible
  • Improving the quality of life and positively influencing the course of life
  • He affirmed life and considered death a natural process
  • Integration of psychological and spiritual aspects in patient care
  • Helping family members during a patient’s illness
  • Helping the family overcome grief

When the disease becomes incurable, palliative treatment should be started as soon as possible, while adopting other therapies that will extend the patient’s life.

Palliative care has nothing to do with allowing a patient to die without medication or standard treatment for the disease.

Interventions are always aimed at alleviating suffering and enabling a person’s life to follow its normal course, so that they have a “good death”.