July 22, 2024

Palmeiras beat Nofrizontino away on his first appearance in Paulistau

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Palmeiras beat Nofrizontino away on his first appearance in Paulistau
Palmeiras beat Nofrizontino away on his first appearance in Paulistau

Palmeiras started the 2022 season with the victory of the current cup champion Editors He went to the city of Novo Horizonte and beat its guest Novo Resentino 2-0, Sunday (23), in his first appearance in Campionato Paulista. The match qualified from the fifth round, as Palmeiras travels to compete in the World Cup, in the United Arab Emirates, on February 2.

Even with their best on the field, Alfeverdi’s team dosed their energies and played with the “hand brake” pulled. As he ramped up his pace, he took a risk and doubled his tally without too many problems.

Zé Rafael made the score 1-0 in the 47th minute of the first half, with a beautiful kick from outside the area, from the left. Dodo widened in 35 seconds of the second stage, taking in on the right and cutting to the middle to hit with his left foot. Great goal.

With the score building, Abel promoted the additions of Murillo, Atoista and Rafael Navarro. The trio was conservative.

Palmeiras returned to the field for Paulista on Wednesday (26), against Ponte Preta, at Allianz Parque.

Palmeiras has three defenders and is closed in the first stage

Palmeiras started the match with three defenders, with Péquez on the left, Luan in the middle, and Gomez on the left. Scarpa and Mike played as a thorn winger, trying to bring depth to the team. But with Veiga and Dudu involved quite a bit in the game, the team was a bit stuck.

Ron was more of a quest for movement at first

Represented as the reference man, the jersey was now 10 Rooney as the most moving player in the initial phase. Looking for matches on both sides, relying on Veiga and Dudu, he made good matches and hit the goal with great danger.

Think like Rafael quickly about opening the recording

Zé Rafael hits from the outside to open the scoring for Palmeiras against Nofriezentino

With the difficulty of entering the Nofrisentino area, Palmeiras began to strike from the outside in the second half of the preliminary stage. This is how the team opened the scoring, in the last movement of the first half, at 47 minutes of the second half. Pick it up shirt number 8 at the entrance to the zone and think quickly to get rid of the tag, hit the left and make it from 1 to 0.

Dodo extends in the first bid in the second half

On the broadcast, coach Abel Ferreira could be heard saying “playing behind his back”. Can’t tell if he’s exactly referring to Reverson left-back, but he was there he greeted Dodo, cut inside and hit left to score a brilliant goal from the edge of the area and extend: 2 to 0, 35 seconds into the second half.

Atuesta, Murilo and Navarro debut

Praised for performance in pre-season training and friendlies, Colombian Eduardo Atoista made his debut in the 18th minute of the second stage, in place of Zee Rafael, who must fight for the position all season. Later it was the turn of defender Murillo instead of Luan and striker Rafael Navarro instead of Rooney. The trio was conservative.

data sheet

Novorizontino 0 x 2 palm trees

a reason: Campeonato Paulista, early match of the fifth round

Location and time: Jose Ismail de Biasi Stadium, in Novo Horizonte, 4 pm

Rule: Luis Flavio de Oliveira

Auxiliaries: Anderson Jose de Moraes Coelho and Miguel Cattaneo Ribeiro da Costa

where: Marcio Henrique de Guess

Objectives: Zé Rafael, 47th from the first time and Dudu, at 35th from the second.

yellow cards: Raphael costume (pal)

Novorizontal: Giovanni. Lucas Ramon, Walber, Bruno Aguiar and Riverson; Leo Baiano, Barba (Willian Lippo) and Marcinio (Wellinton); Danielzinho, Cleo (Tocantins) and Michelle Douglas (Douglas Baggio). idiomatic: Leo Conde

Palm trees: Waverton. Luan (Morillo), Gustavo Gomez and Pequerez; Mike, Danilo, Zee Rafael (Atoesta) and Gustavo Scarpa (Veron); Rafael Vega (Rafael Navarro), Dudu (Wesley) and Ronnie. idiomatic: Abel Ferrara

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