February 6, 2023

Palmeiras defeats Floresta with the number of Ruan Ribeiro and he is in the semi-finals

Striker Ruan Ribeiro had a party night and commanded Palmeiras to defeat Floresta 5-0, today, over Bruno Jose Daniel, in Santo André (SP), in the quarter-finals of the Copa Sao Paulo. The number 9 of the Kubina artillery was isolated and surpassed Andrik among the best scorers in the history of the competition.

  • Ruan Ribeiro has scored eight goals in Copenha, surpassing his six goals in 2022.
  • The 19-year-old striker became Palmeiras’ top scorer in the history of the league.
  • In addition to Rouen, David Kawa, Kevin and Pedro Lima scored for the current champions, in a match that featured more than 11,000 people;
  • Palmeiras faces Goiás, Saturday, in the semi-finals.

the game

Floresta upsets, but sees Palmeiras open the scoring on a dead ball. Ceara’s team was not intimidated by the Palestinian bloc in the stands, it went up to the home team and disturbed the defensive system. However, the São Paulo club took advantage of a failed corner kick to open the scoring.

Alviverde Paulista approaches, seeks a counterattack and extends from a penalty kick. With an advantage, Paulo Victor Floresta’s team left with the ball and tried to leave quickly to expand. However, Chris decided in favor of the Sao Paulo club by committing a penalty kick on Pedro Lima. Ruan Ribeiro is not lost.

Floresta attacks “with an open chest”, and Palmeiras responded with a defeat. Ceará’s team did not abandon the attack from behind on the scoreboard, endangering goalkeeper Arana, but left the spaces, and the duo David Kawa and Kevin were not wasted to close 4-0 in the first stage.

Cearenses stopped to avoid a larger score, but Pedro Lima closed the account. The aggressive Floresta from the first half stayed in the locker room. In the final phase, what was seen was a team committed to not accepting more goals against lightweight Palmeiras ready to build a more resilient defeat. Palmeiras’s number 8 shirt, however, left him at the last attempt.


1 x 0: the Palm trees The scoring opened in the sixth minute of the first half. In a low David Kawa corner kick, Ruan Ribeiro deflected close to the first post, killing goalkeeper Wilderke and opening the scoring.

2 x 0: In the 26th minute of the first half, Edney took off from the right and played for Pedro Lima inside the area, who cut the ball in and it ended up being knocked out by Chris. Ruan Ribeiro and the goalkeeper on one side and the ball on the other.

3 x 0: At the 43rd minute of the first half, Kevin made a beautiful movement on the left and played for David Kawa in the penalty area, who removed the ball and sent it to the opposite corner of Wilderk.

4×0: became a hit. After the assist, Kevin wanted to leave it at 47 of the second half. Kriya received from David Kawa on the left, dribbled Leo, invaded the area and finished in the left corner.

5 x 0: Kawan Santos hit a corner kick in the 47th minute of the second half, and Pedro Lima headed it with a free kick to close the scoring for Palmeiras.

data sheet

Palmeiras 5 x 0 Floresta C

competition: Quarter-finals of the Sao Paulo Cup
Place: Bruno José Daniel Stadium in Santo André (SP)
Rule: Fernando Bartz Guedes
Assistants: Alberto Polito Massera and Rodrigo Meirelles Bernardo
Objectives: Ruan Ribeiro (Palmeiras), six minutes and 26 minutes into the first half. David Kawa (Palmeiras), 43 in the first half. Kevin (Palmeiras) at 47 in the first half. Pedro Lima (Palmeiras) in the 47th minute of the second half.

Palm trees: spider. Edni (Gilberto), Henry, Talisca (Gustavo Mancha), Ian; Leo (Patrick), David Kawa (Estefao), Pedro Lima, Kevin (Kawan Santos); Vitinho, Ruan Ribeiro (Daniel). Technical: Paolo Victor.

forest: wilderness Kayky (Maikoon Kawa), Leo, Chris, Henrique; Arielson, Atherson (Vettino); Rodrigo, Diogo Mourao (Pedro Fernandez), Pedro Igor (Adrilsson); Early (Emmanuel Jr.). Technical: Raymond Wagner.