August 17, 2022
Palmeiras ends its business model to buy Valber Huerta

Palmeiras ends its business model to buy Valber Huerta

the Palm trees He will not go ahead with the appointment of Chilean defender Valber Huerta in the forms he signed with Universidad Católica. The athlete underwent medical examinations on Tuesday (14) and did not meet all the requirements requested by the club.

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Alviverde will buy the 28-year-old defender and sign a four-year contract. The club is not talking about a complete withdrawal from work, but confirms that the first established model will not happen anymore.

The contract was closed at $2 million (about 11.3 million Brazilian reais) in exchange for 80% of the defender’s economic rights. Católica will retain 20% of the future sale.

Marcelo Lomba and Edward Atoista were officially announced as reinforcements on Tuesday (14), but Valber Huerta failed medical tests with a knee problem before signing the contract.

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