November 27, 2022
Palmeiras has a very convenient sequence to be able to shout "He's a hero"

Palmeiras has a very convenient sequence to be able to shout “He’s a hero”

after, after Beat Atlético MG In a commendable game, the Palm trees Now there’s an easier sequence in theory that can make your fans scream “He’s the champ” or, if you’re a bit of a pessimist, get too close to him.

In the next three rounds, he will face Alverde Botafogo (3/10), Curitiba (6/10) and Atlético-Go (10/10), and if favoritism is confirmed, it will be in the worst case if Fluminense also wins their three matches, with the same nine points It’s an advantage, but with only seven matches left until the end of Brazil.

The first objective of the three teams in this competition is not to collapse to the second division, which is far from delivering football that proves its ability to topple the leader. Of course, everything is possible when the ball rolls, but the Sao Paulo team has already shown that it is almost impossible to defeat the Brazilian. There are only two defeats in 28 games and an impressive undefeated record away from home.

Having died unharmed after the deaths of Corinthians, Flamengo and Fluminense and after winning the classic against Santos, yesterday’s confrontation in Mineirao was the fiercest on the way to Hendeca Nacional. The tour is still beneficial, Flamengo sank for good, while Inter lost points at home to Red Bull Bragantino.

As Palmeiras faces opponents fighting to escape the Z-4, Fluminense faces Atlético MG in Minerao, Atlético-Go away from home, and America MG in Rio de Janeiro. The sequence isn’t the heaviest either, but the challenge of beating Gallo in Belo Horizonte isn’t easy for anyone.

He will face Internacional Santos at home, Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro and Goiás again in Porto Alegre. The sequencing is also more difficult for Colorado than for Alverdi.

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