February 5, 2023
Palmeiras is looking for stars, but he may lose Gomez, Apple Ferrera and two more

Palmeiras is looking for stars, but he may lose Gomez, Apple Ferrera and two more

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November was historic for Palm trees. Alviverde won their third Copa Libertadores da America. In addition to this achievement, the Allianz Parque fan read many rumors related to athletes and even coach Verdau.

Thinking about it, the Torcedores.com Key market news separated from the ball involving Palmeiras in November which may have news in December, when the transfer window will be most exciting.

Check out the latest news from PALMEIRAS on the market:

Departure rumors

Gustavo Gomez: One of the captains of the two Libertadores conquests in 2021, the Paraguayan defender could leave Palmeiras to play for another team in South America. According to ‘Fichajes.net’, the player has become a target for Boca Juniors for the upcoming season.

Abel Ferreira: After a victorious but turbulent year in Brazilian football, the Portuguese captain still does not know if he will still be in charge of Palmeiras in 2022. Thinking about it, he took advantage of Al Nasr, from Saudi Arabia, and sent an offer to Abel, who declined, according to ” ge”.

William: With no space in the current Palmeiras squad, the striker can change teams in Sao Paulo. According to the Gazeta Esportiva website, Santos wants to include the 35-year-old next season and is negotiating with Alveverde’s board of directors.

Felipe Melo: With a contract in effect until the end of the year, the midfielder should only talk about his future under Leila Pereira’s management. In the meantime, Cruzeiro, Fluminense and Internacional are hoping to acquire the experienced player next season.

Entry rumors

Sutildo: The former Santos midfielder, the Venezuelan, had been rumored to be linked to Verdao over the past month. Unhappy in Toronto, Canada (but who plays in Major League Soccer, USA), the player is being treated as a great goal for Alverde club.

Pedro: At Flamengo this season, there have been rumors of the striker linked to Almairas as the potential main signing for Leila Pereira in his first year of management. The title before the 2022 World Cup could be the catalyst for a central attacking move.

Navarro: One of the highlights of the Brazilian second division with Botafogo, the second division champion, the heart of the striker is another option for the position of Palmeiras in 2022. The player is at the end of his contract, has rejected the offer of MLS and can settle with Al-Fayverde.

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