December 9, 2023
Palmeiras lifts the Brasileirão Cup after transforming it into the pulsating Allianz

Palmeiras lifts the Brasileirão Cup after transforming it into the pulsating Allianz

Tonight was a party at Allianz Park. In spite of Palmerins shrieked a hero two rounds agoin International runner-up defeatAlviverde’s team lifted the cup only today (9), after winning, 2 to 1 Over America-MG, for round 37.

The celebration started early. Mancha Verde, the main organizing backers of Palmeiras, took advantage of the stage set up next to one of the stands to assemble a mosaic in honor of recent titles won by the São Paulo club.

In the stands, several green, white and red flags adorn Allianz Park, in preparation for the celebration of the 11th Brazilian title of team Palestra Italia. Already, more than 28,000 fans have pushed the team to seek a comeback and ensure the “ideal scenario” for the last home game of the season.

However, the players did not see the Platinum Cup of Brazil until after the final whistle, but rather wore a special shirt to receive the trophy. The traditional green outfit of the Brazilian champion won a patch in the middle of the chest, and on the back the phrases “Triplice Crown” and “Todos Somos 11”.

The alviverde team is waiting to assemble the prize podium on the field. While some were moved, like goalkeeper Weverton, others preferred to exchange hugs. The trio of Indrik, Danilo and Vanderlane showed off their swing and celebrated with a little dance.

Palmeiras captain Gustavo Gómez was responsible for receiving and raising the trophy. But the defender shared the moment with Gustavo Scarpa, who left Sao Paulo. As the cup was raised, fireworks erupted outside the stadium, in celebration.

And the party in Allianz Park had a special chapter: farewell to midfielder Gustavo Scarpa, who is going to English football. The 14 shirt played his last match on the Palestinian homeland, scored a goal and celebrated by hitting the shield and thanking the Sao Paulo club.

Scarpa - Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF

Farewell to Allianz Barque, Scarpa scored a penalty kick for Palmeiras in the match against America-MG.

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF

Scarpa left the field in the 33rd minute of the second half and was embraced by his teammates as he turned to the side where Atoista was waiting for him. Meanwhile, fans cheered and shouted the midfielder’s name.

Abel Ferreira team won the title in the thirty-fifth round with Defeat the Vice-Captain International of America MG🇧🇷 champion athlete, And Alverde crushed Fortaleza hours later 4-0 at home.