March 26, 2023

Palmeiras squad: Abel finishes his preparations for the decisive Paulistao tour | Palm trees

a Palm trees He trained on Saturday morning, at the Academia de Futebol, finishing the preparations for the match against Guarani, which will be played on Sunday, at 4 pm (Brasilian time), at the Brinco de Ouro stadium, in Campinas, in the last round of the tournament. The first stage of the Paulista Championship.

Abel Ferreira and his coaching staff prepared a video for the cast to watch in the Center of Excellence auditorium. Afterwards, the players performed arts and entertainment activities on the field.

Palmeiras players pose for a photo at an activity at the Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

Verdao will miss the match against Guarani twice: Marcelo Lumpa, who is recovering from a broken finger on his left hand, and Atoesta, who will have surgery on his right knee.

Andrek Dudu, Gabriel Menino and Gelson have two yellow cards. Coach Abel Ferreira is faced with a dilemma between risking a knockout and repeating an already well-known line-up or trusting the year’s underused reserves.

He must send Abel Palm trees domain with: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Béquez; Zé Raphael, Gabriel Menino, and Raphael Vega; Dodo, Indrik, and Ron.

Rooney and Marcos Rocha in Palmeiras training at the Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

a Palm trees He has 27 points and has both Paulista’s Group D lead and best campaign, but he hasn’t secured either position yet. This is because São Bernardo, the vice leader of the key, has 26.

On Sunday, at 16 (Brasil time), Verdão will face Guarani, at the Princess Golden Earring, and São Bernardo will receive Agua Santa at the same time.

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