July 14, 2024

Palmeiras throws the towel to sign the No. 9 World Cup

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Palmeiras throws the towel to sign the No. 9 World Cup
Palmeiras throws the towel to sign the No. 9 World Cup

With only nine days to register players for the Club World Cup, it has become Palm trees He gave up looking for a player to close the World Cup group. The team that is already training will compete in the tournament that Alviverde fans wanted, in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

Only something completely out of the way will make Palmeiras a contract in time for the recording date, on the 24th. That way, even though they keep working, the board of directors doesn’t have that date as a deadline again.

The board knows that Palmeiras needs a number 9 to complete the team, but realizes that the season does not end with the World Cup. The club will bring a piece to strengthen its front sector. But for Abu Dhabi, there will be Rooney, Rafael Navarro and Deverson, the triple champion. Editors, as options to play as a striker.

The club was about to sign Lucas Alario, 29, the Argentine striker from Bayer Leverkusen, last Friday (14). Even after the Germans demanded money for the one-year loan that Alveverde sought.

Palmeiras offered one million euros, but the Germans backed down, as they were unable to find another player to fill the void left by Alario’s departure. For now, there is nothing Palmeiras can do to make the negotiations happen again.

Alviverde club understands that the time is now too short to start further negotiations. Especially since the values ​​that Palmeiras has heard from the players who approach it are much higher than the real market values.

Pedro, from Flamengo, Tati Castellanos, from New York City (US), Yuri Alberto, from Internaccionale, Caio Jorge, from Juventus (ITA), and Alario were real ways from Palmeiras, which never materialized.

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