December 6, 2023
Palmeiras wins Atletico MG away and increases the difference in leadership

Palmeiras wins Atletico MG away and increases the difference in leadership

a Palm trees Show once again why they are considered by many as the best coached team in the Americas. Even with eight absences, the Brazilian championship captain, seeing the invasion approaching, was very organized and beat the mighty Atlético-MG in the middle of Mineirao: 1 to 0.

It could have been more, had the referee scored a penalty on Atosta and ratified an ordinary goal by Prino Lopez, seeing that he had seen a non-existent foul, in the 43rd minute of the second half, in Mariano’s slip.

As a result, along with the other games, Verdão now has nine points over second place, and it’s now Fluminense. This increases, by one point, the advantage he entered this round. Atletico-MG, with the defeat, now has 40-20 less than Palmeiras, in seventh place.

Next Monday (3), Palmeiras will visit the city of Botafogo in Enginhao. Gallo receives fluorescence on Saturday (1).

Game timeline

Palmeiras opens the scoring against Atlético MG with Murillo

Murillo opened the scoring for Almairas in the 5th minute of the second half after practicing a corner kick: Rocha’s cross behind it, Scarpa missed the kick, and the defender moved away from the entrance of the small area to the net.

Palmeiras game: exemplary tactical organization

Palmeiras, who is sorely lacking, showed nearly perfect tactical organization to stay in the know as if the team was complete and not full of improvisation and reservations. After opening the scoreboard, he knew how to control the game.

The best of Palmeiras: Murillo shines a lot

Defender Murillo was a monster on the field. Not just for the sake of purpose, but mainly for the success he had in duels with the Hulk. The defender put in a very good performance against the strong Atletico player.

The worst of Palmeiras: Scarpa’s weird night

Scarpa is doing so well this year that even when he’s not having a good night, he misses a shot he barely misses and ends up assisting Murillo’s goal.

Game Atletico MG: Who does not…

You can’t say that Atlético’s match against Palmeiras was bad, especially in the first half. There were countless opportunities created and wasted. The ball is on the post, defended by the goalkeeper. But the good first half of Gallo disappeared after Palmeiras’ goal. Despair gripped the Alvengra team, which tried to play at the chokehold base and was closer to scoring the second goal than to a draw.

The best of Atlético-MG: The Hulk is back in good shape

After two absent matches, Hulk made a fine return to Atlético. Kino dribbled, and finished it off, leaving Keanu in good shape to score. However, like the entire team, the striker was knocked out of production at the final stage.

The worst of Atlético-MG: improvisation, Ademir was in debt

More interchangeable made by Cuca than Ademir performance. The striker was improvising on the left side and didn’t go well. Initially, when there was a player in the position, Gallo was ahead of Palmeiras and saw the match completely changed after the change made by Coca.

Palmeiras Improvisations: Mike and Luanne surrender offensively

As the right winger, Mayke has managed to do well in the offensive sector, as well as being able to make a reconfiguration to help mark. Luan, as a midfielder, wasn’t very good at scoring, he sank a lot at times and brought Gallo’s team to the entrance to the Palmeiras area. It was better in support.

The cock rose in the first half

With Keanu, Hulk Zaracho and Sasha at the entrance to the area, Coca’s side made a lightning strike in Palmeiras’ defense, who spent the entire first half stunned by Atletico’s attack. It was Rocha and Morello who suffered the most. But they prevented the rooster, which was losing momentum.

Morello specializes in playing against Gallo

Scoring Palmeiras’ first goal, Murillo specializes in scoring in matches against Atlético MG. They were two goals in a 2-2 draw EditorsGoing to the quarter-finals – one against and the other in favor. On the way back, he scored the goal that closed the penalty shootout.

Very bad referee

Marcelo de Lima, his assistants and the VAR system were disastrous. They colluded with the entries of Atlético players, they missed important moves, they gave out fewer cards than they should, and they failed to indicate a penalty at Atoista in the second stage. To complete, they invented a foul by Navarro on Mariano, at 43′ of the second half, in what would be Verdau’s second.

data sheet

Atletico MG X Palmeiras

Competition: Brazilian Championship
place: Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte
Rule: Marcelo de Lima Henrique-CE
helpers: Fabricio Villarino da Silva-Jo (Viva) and Nilton Junior de Souza Oliveira-CE
VAR: Diogo Carvalho Silva – RJ
Objectives: Murillo, at 5′ of the second half
yellow cards: Dudu and Yair Warsaw (CAM); Morello, Luanne and Dudu (Pal)

Palm trees: shocked Markus Rocha Kocevic, Murillo and Bequerez; Luan, Atoista (Jorge) and Scarpa (Tabata); Mike (Garcia), Rooney (Prino Lopez), and Dudu (Navarro). Technical: Joao Martins
Atletico MG: Iverson, Mariano, Nathan Silva, Jimerson & Dudu (Ademir); Allan (Ottavio), Gayer (Nacho) Warratshaw; Kino (Pavon), Sasha (Alan Kardec), and Hulk. Technical: Coca