January 31, 2023
Palmeiras x Corinthians: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Arbitration |  Paulista Championship

Palmeiras x Corinthians: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Arbitration | Paulista Championship

The derby marks the teams meeting with the best nationwide campaign. With 26 points, Verdão only needs a draw in the remaining two games to secure first place overall before the playoffs. Timão, the 20-year-old, must win the last two rounds, hoping his arch-rival doesn’t score, as well as trailing three goals to pass into the table.

Both teams have already secured first place in brackets. a Palm trees is the first place in Group C, while the Corinthians It is the indicator of Group A, where they will be at home in a quarter-final duel, versus the runner-up in parentheses.

flow: The show airs with narration by Milton Light and commentary by Cayo Ribeiro and Casagrande. Paulistão Play and YouTube will pass the showdown as well.

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Palm trees Coach: Abel Ferreira

The only player undefeated in Paulistau with eight wins and two draws, Verdau must play at full strength in the classics. Thus, the expectation is that Marcos Rocha, Murillo, Pequez and Danilo, all of whom survived the Santos encounter, will return to the starting line-up.

Possible assortment: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murillo, Péquez; Danilo, Zee Rafael, Gustavo Scarpa and Rafael Vega; Dudu and Ron.

Who is out: Luan (left thigh injury), Gabriel Menino (physical transmission), Patrick DiPaola (physical transmission).

spoon: Rafael and Apple Ferrera costume.

Possible lineup for Almairas in the match – Photo: ge

Corinthians Coach: Vitor Pereira

Vitor Pereira, already qualified for the quarter-finals, wants to find the perfect team at this start of the business. There are two games, one win and one defeat. For the derby, Timao coach should keep Gustavo Mosquito in the starting line-up, leaving Giuliano in reserve. Pero, the base midfielder, was related to this.

Possible assortment: Cassio, Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Lucas Peyton; de Queiroz, Paulinho and Renato Augusto; Willian, Gustavo Mosquito and Roger Geddes.

Who is out: Bruno Milo (left thigh injury), Joe (left thigh pain), Junior Moraes (unrecorded), Matthew Donnelly (right calf injury), and Xavier (physical transmission).

spoon: Fabio Santos and Wagner.

Palmeiras x Corinthians: Timão’s possible line-up – Photo: ge

Image: infographic

  • Rule: Matthews Delgado Candandan
  • Helper 1: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manes
  • Helper 2: Luis Alberto Andreini Nogueira
  • Fourth ruling: Slim Fendi Chavez
  • Video Assistant Referee: Jose Claudio Rocha Filo