Pamela Anderson: His beloved Adil Rami him a offers a ring !

Pamela Anderson: Son chéri Adil Rami lui une offre une bague !

Pamela Anderson seems to spin the perfect love with her boyfriend, soccer player Adil Rami. And the latter offered him a very nice gift !

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami spin the perfect love since several months now. And the couple seems to swim in happiness. Garlic Rami has even offered a magnificent gift to the sultry blonde: a ring. MCE tells you more.

Pamela Anderson in love of her footballer

There’s a lot of love in the air between Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami, football player at Olympique de Marseille. The two young people have been dating for several months and seem to be more complicit than ever.
They live together in Cassis, in the south of France. They have therefore been monitored by a team of the 60 minutes program in Australia.

And in this same interview, we could see something very interesting in the finger of the former star of baywatch. Garlic Rami has apparently offered a beautiful ring.
We can see from elsewhere on this interview that Pamela Anderson seems to the angels and that the gift was the height of joy.

But be careful not matter for the moment from the wear and it of course also explains why. “I does the door just not for the moment, it is at the top “, she added in this issue. In effect the candidate of Dancing with the stars has already had four weddings and experienced many engagement also. The star 51-year-old now seems very happy in her relationship with Adil Rami even without an official commitment.

Each thing in its time

The two lovebirds have thus sealed their meeting in the spring of 2017, when the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco. “A special connection. And, since then, we became inseparable ! We are in love ! And… I fell for his mustache ! “confided Pamela Anderson for the magazine Paris Match some time ago.

But for the two stars, so do not rush. They are therefore fully in two of their early relationship, especially as it remains very popular. And Adil Rami was careful to make things clear after the images released by the magazine Closer. In the streets of Los Angeles, the footballer of Olympique de Marseille had been very clear : “No, no, no, I am not fiance ! , “he said. The fans should still be patient !


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