May 31, 2023

‘Panic in the sand’: Swimmers are horrified to find sneakers with severed feet on the beach

A sense of beach panic arose as swimmers found a sneaker in the sand of Betoni Beach, New Zealand, with one foot still in the shoe last Saturday morning (25). The horrific scene left people frightened and searches for the rest of the body have been going on ever since.

Feet are taken to the sand by the waves of the sea – illustration. Image: Pexels/Disclosure/ND

The sneaker was carried away by the water and found on the beach, a popular diving spot, and ended up collecting many swimmers. The “miraculous” find was reported to the authorities in the area, who began searching for the rest of the body.

Sergeant Steve Williamson explained that the body part was not treated as evidence of murder. Despite this, searches continue on the beach and also in the waters of the area, but nothing has been found so far.

Even with the investigation, residents are still concerned about the possibility of the other foot or even the rest of the body showing. Beachgoers also don’t feel comfortable returning to the site after an inconvenient discovery.

“We bring our kids here. I’m not sure you’ll find the other one,” one enthusiast told Metro News.

Another resident reflected on how the incident left the community in a dilemma: “It’s very worrying for the community. We have old ladies living next door and we are very concerned now about what will happen next.”

In 2021, a popular tiktoker user developed a theory about severed feet appearing on beaches, which is very common in Canada and the United States. According to dr. Raj, the results may be related to people dying on beaches (drowned, for example) and being devoured by scavengers, who finally leave their feet.