December 3, 2022
Pantanal author made changes ending in Maria Bruaca and Alcides after rape

Pantanal author made changes ending in Maria Bruaca and Alcides after rape

The author responsible for the remake of wet landBruno Luperi decided to put his hands on the end of one of the pairs beloved by the public: Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira) and ladies (Giuliano Cazari). Unlike the 1990 version, the two will be able to enjoy their moment of glory before leaving the biome. They will get dressed and participate in the wedding of Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) and Filo (Dera Pais) at the Globo Opera 9 AM.

It will be a moment of respite for the lovebirds, who will go through a series of violence in the final part of the series. In addition to the rape of the pawn – the scene which, in itself, is a change from the Manchete version, in which the cowboy was castrated – the couple will still be involved in the tragic death of Tenorio (Murilo Benicio).

In the scenes that are supposed to air next Monday (3), the villainous Paranaense will be stabbed with a javelin. At this point, the fraudster will have reached Zakio (Silviro Pereira) Shot in the chest, but the “pawn flozô” will be able to survive the attack. Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) will finish the job, by dragging the squatter’s body to the river bed. Piranhas will delight in the flesh of the demon who is still alive.

The change in score will also postpone the farewell to Inside and Jutta (Julia Dalvia) to the final chapter. In 1990, Bruaca did not appear even at the end of the plot. The character, played by Angela Leal, a brute pawn, Lived by Angelo AntonioIn the penultimate chapter, they took the boat towards Paraná land.

Another change in the final scenes concerns the post-José Leoncio. Erandir Santos, the translator of Jose Lucas, suggested to the author that cattle children should not shoot A barrage of fire in honor of the father. Now, the characters will appear mourning the farmer’s death in another way.

These are some of the few changes the novelist has promoted. In general, it strictly follows what his grandfather, Benedetto Roy Barbosa, set out in 1990. An example of this is the end of Trinidad (Gabriel Satter), who left the plot Despite public calls for the new version.

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