July 22, 2024

Pantanal insults Bolsonaro with his anti-gun rhetoric and mentions Lula

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Pantanal insults Bolsonaro with his anti-gun rhetoric and mentions Lula
Pantanal insults Bolsonaro with his anti-gun rhetoric and mentions Lula

wet land took over again Political tone in the Friday class (22). Telenovela at the 9 o’clock Globo presented a speech against the possession of weapons, against one of the main banners of the government of Jair Bolsonaro. In addition, the plot also referred to former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, when Tenorio Murillo Benicio asked for it ladies (Juliano Cazarré) became “Alcides of Peace and Love”.

The talk of armament was because hollow (Gezzetta Barbosa). Jose Leoncio Marcos Palmera tried to convince his son to carry a gun afterwards Threats made by the villain’s employee during the weddingBut the boy flatly refused.

“Dad, why do you think this will make me safer? In the fight with the Alcides, if I am armed, what will happen? Will I shoot him? Will he shoot me? One will die. Tragedy. That is not good, Dad. I will talk to Alcides, but it will be My way,” grandson emphasized marianna (Salma Egry).

Later, Tenorio had a serious conversation with his subordinate. The impostor indicated that he would not return Alcides’ weapon and that his aggressive style might spoil his plans. Therefore, he asked the employee to take a calmer pose.

“Now you’re Alcides, a spy, without a weapon. I’m not an Alcides who drinks cachaça to make trouble. Not to be noticed! From now on, I want you to look like a saint, like someone who found Jesus! Alcides peace and love!”

The speech is a clear reference to Lula’s campaign for the presidency in 2002. In an effort to soften the image of the then candidate, the marketing campaign led by Duda Mendonca (1944-2021) described him as someone I didn’t want to fight anymore, I just wanted to be “Lulinha paz e amor”.

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