June 3, 2023
Pantanal: Jose Leoncio desperate for Juventino's disappearance |  Letter

Pantanal: Jose Leoncio desperate for Juventino’s disappearance | Letter

The next day Novel chapters in 9And Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) He despairs of the son’s disappearance. The pawn father doesn’t know, but hollow (Jesuit Barbosa) She was bitten by a snake while filming in the nest and will be saved by old man from the river (Osmar Prado).

Zé will be in Sao Paulo and will take over the farm work when he receives an emergency call from I see (Claudio Galvan) who puts you to the test with Thaddeus (Joseph Loretto).

Already settled on a charter plane back to the farm, full of pain, he will say to himself:

“Don’t go away son… I want you with me… I… I need you with me… Hell… as I do”…

Once they reach the farm, all the knights run to provide the necessary lighting for the farm’s helipad with bonfires, lamps, and headlights. This effort will pay off and the plane will be able to land safely.

However, Zé Leôncio’s torment will continue until the end of the day to re-search for the nest.

“Son… go home, son… vote for me, Juventino… vote for me!”

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Tibério (Guito) on stage two of ‘Pantanal’ – Photo: João Miguel Júmior / Globo

Not satisfied with his son’s disappearance, the pawn will lose its head and expel Tiberius (Ghetto).

“I imagine you suffered a little…no one is to blame for what happened,” he tries to console the foreman.

“You’re to blame! I should have fired you for the stupid thing you did!” Zee accuses.

“I am not merely subject to action under threat, Mr. Zé Leôncio”…

“Okay, you’re fired!” , ends the pawn.