December 3, 2022
Pantanal: Renato will try to kill Zakio, but will end up hostage by Juma |  Come to me around - come

Pantanal: Renato will try to kill Zakio, but will end up hostage by Juma | Come to me around – come

Renato (Gabriel Santana), then, will bear the pain of the father’s death. go to the farm leonzio costume (Marcos Palmira), seeking revenge against Zaquieu, however, knows little about the boy he’s messing with.

“You are the one who ought to be Flozô’s famous pawn,” he will say, trying to offend Zaquieu.

He answers: “It depends who wants to know?”

“On the part of the man you killed … or at least say that you did,” Renato will say. “Then take your gun… and let’s settle this matter as a man.”

José Leôncio’s employee replied: “I… have no weapon.”

“Where is the weapon you used to kill my father?”

“Are you not going to tell me that you killed my father with that little piece of crap?” says Ibn Tenório, referring to Tadeu.

“Your father shot first.”

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“I will do the same… only, in my case, I will not miss it!” , the boy, who was already pulling his rifle, answered to fire. However, at this moment, he feels something in his neck.

“Put that gun down…or you’ll die,” he says. Friday (Alanis Jilin), ready to cut his throat.

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Immediately, marianna (Salma Agri) And the Asylum (Dera Base) You reach the shed and are stunned by the scene.

“If anyone thinks this pawn killed my father and the anaconda disappeared in the flesh, call the police and let’s fix this!” Shout.

“I know Anaconda was counting the days for that,” comments Juma, referring to old man from the river (Osmar Prado).

“I want to see you explain this and how you killed that Jaguar Solano in Tapera to the police,” he says.

“He threatened to kill my daughter,” she recalls.

“So you admit that the ‘jaguar’ was you. Great, now we just need to find out who the ‘anaconda’ that went missing with my father was,” would provoke.

zuleka (Allen Burgess) And the Marcelo (Lucas LetoThey also appear in the shed, trying to stop Renato, and they come across a boy about to become a Fri’s victim.

Paula Barbosa, Ziva from

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“What’s going on?” , asks Philo, desperately.

Philo asks, “Put that weapon aside, my daughter, or you will sow misfortune in this house!”

“You can do whatever you like, but if I see someone with a gun near my daughter, I will kill him!” So said Juma, and let Renato go.

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