December 8, 2022
Velho do Rio e Tadeu Pantanal

Pantanal: Velho do Rio Tadeu surprises with revelations

TV Globo’s ‘Pantanal’ is entering its final week and viewers are looking forward to what’s to come. One of the moments that promises to thrill the audience will be meeting between Thaddeus (Jose Loreto) and Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado). First, Tadeu will discover that he is not Jose Leoncio’s blood son (Marcos Palmira). Then the pawn will face a sudden confrontation.

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According to the official telenovela website, after winning the silver saddle and proving that he is the fastest among his brothers, Tadeu will hear a conversation between José Leôncio and Filó (Dera Base), and he will discover that he is not the biological son of the farmer. Annoyed, he decided to leave the farm. And it will be there that he will come across Velho do Rio. The entity, which had already appeared in the middle of the Pantanal, but never appeared in the Tadeu, would finally give the pawn an air of grace.

Tadu will be surprised by the old man, who will wonder about the fate of the boy and say that he has known him since he was young, as well as revealing his desire to talk to him. Thus, Tadeu will tell everything to the old man, to whom the boy will answer, saying, if it were not really his grandson, he would not be able to play on such a horn.

The old man would still tell the young man that he could not find a better father than José Leoncio and he would leave Tadeu overjoyed. After the conversation with the guardian, Tadeu convinces himself to return to the farm and be reunited with his family.

“Pantanal” premiered on Rede Globo on March 28, replacing “Um Lugar Ao Sol.” The plot was adapted by Bruno Luperi and directed by Rogério Gomes. The story is a remake of the TV series replica that aired on Manchete TV in 1990. The original plot was created and written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

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