August 16, 2022
Paraná no longer has a chance to obtain a direct classification for the 2023 First Division |  Parana Club

Paraná no longer has a chance to obtain a direct classification for the 2023 First Division | Parana Club

Paraná Clube no longer has a arithmetic chance of securing a direct place in Series D. With a four-point win and at the bottom of Campeonato Paranaense, Tricolor no longer has a chance to qualify for the knockout stage and can’t make it to the other teams that fight for a place in the national competition of the year next.

Paranaense 2022 awards three places for next year’s Série D. Parana must be among the top three teams in the tournament that have no direct place in national competitions – that is, be the top 3 out of all eight teams except Atletico and Curitiba, from Serie A, and Operario And Andrina, from b.

With two rounds left to the end of the first stage of Paranaense, Paraná can only score 10 points. Cascavel, Cianorte, Maringá and São Joseense really add up to it and the three colors can’t be outdone.

There are still hopes for Parana that the national calendar will not run out from next year. The first is access to the Italian league this season. The second is to count on promoting other Parana players into the tournament and getting a place as a substitute..

The chances of this option happening are very slim. Azuriz, Cascavel and Cianorte are the other teams from Parana in the current Serie D. The scenario is as follows:

  • If no one or only one person ascended the Paraná, the Paraná would have no chance of qualifying;
  • If two people climb out of Parana, Parana should be ninth in Paranaense 2022;
  • If three people climb out of Parana, Paraná should stay on top of Rio Branco PR and Uniao PR at Paranaense 2022

With Paranaense’s seventh defeat in nine matches, Tricolor has an even more pressing concern: getting out of the relegation zone. Two points separate Team Vila Capanema and Rio Branco-PR, the first team outside of Z-2. União-PR also has four points and opens the area of ​​contention.

Parana Club Curitiba – Photo: Oscar Felipe / Parana Club

Parana will return to the field for Paranaense next Saturday. Tricolor has a head-to-head against the relegation with União-PR, at 16:00, at Vila Capanema. In the final round, he faced the other team fighting against Autumn, Rio Branco, at Gigante do Itiberê, in Paranagua.