May 31, 2023

Parents go back to school to help their children with math | The National Gazette

In Minas Gerais, parents go back to being students to learn mathematics

Parents of public school students in Minas Gerais returned to being students on Saturday (15). They have learned different ways to help their children with math.

Mathematics is a challenge for the son of teaching assistant Amanda Pereira dos Santos:

“boogeyman. He has difficulty with operations, with schedules.”

To help children learn more about this major, Parents went to study mathematics on Saturday, but in a different way: the teacher uses concepts from sociology, psychology and neurosciences in education.

The proposal is to show that memorization is not the only way to solve problems, and that there are other ways to do math. The methodology is part of the Mental Mathematics Program, a partnership between Stanford University in the US, and the Siddharta Institute.

  • The course transforms mathematics and makes students lose their fear through games and games

in VespasianIn the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area, 25 municipal schools are participating in the program. The idea, this Saturday (15), was to bring parents in so they could understand how to teach math and help their kids at home.

“We have five states that are already implementing this in their schools and in their municipalities, and we have more than 5,000 teachers who have been trained to do this all over Brazil,” says Sidarta Institute President Ya-Jean Chang.

Professor Williton D’Aquino explains this The suggestion is to help students lose their fear of numbers and deal better with errors.

“There is no such thing as ‘I was born with mathematical ability.’ No. We are all human beings who can develop and grow and learn math,” says Aquino.

  • The study indicates that only 5% finish high school with sufficient learning in mathematics
  • On the test, high school students get only 27% of basic math questions right

Proof of this, says 11-year-old Emmanuel de Freitas Carvalho:

“When it was math class, I always wanted to go to the bathroom so I wouldn’t participate, but now I’m taking classes.”

Luciana Galinsk says the class has been helpful for her to be more in line with her son when it comes to studying mathematics.

“Their creativity is explored so that it matches their learning. That’s great. It was to get the brain out,” Luciana celebrates.