June 26, 2022
Roça A Fazenda 2021

Partial denotes who will be the new excluded

The seventh division of the 2021 A Fazenda was formed on Tuesday night (2), but it hasn’t been fully decided yet because someone will escape the hot seat in today’s farmer’s test (3). Check out who should leave the show according to partial voting in the DCI poll because the scenario leaves Erasmo, Marina, Rico and Solange in jeopardy.

Who Will Leave On The Seventh Farm Of A Fazenda 2021?

At the moment, Gabriella Polisi’s ex-husband is the pawn with the public’s greatest hate. Erasmo has so far received 40.5% of the more than 16,000 partial votes ‘which comes out to A Fazenda 2021 on Thursday (4)’.

Next comes Marina Ferrari, with a 10% lead over Erasmus, who will leave Biwa so far with 30.51% of the public vote. Third place is Solange with 17.43%.

In last place and seemingly far from the danger zone is Rico, the former On Vacation with his ex-wife has added 11.93% of the vote so far in the poll at the seventh farm of A Fazenda 2021.

vote for Questionnaire who should leave

The official vote will be released after the farmer’s test – Photo: DCI / clone

How was the farm formed?

Rico was the first worker to sit on a chair this week, the comedian was nominated by farmer Sti Matos. Subsequently, the start was given to a vote in the House of Representatives, leaving Solange and Dynho tied with five votes each. The farmer had to break the tie, and thus Solange became the second player in the seventh hot seat this season.

Solange then dragged Erasmo out of the bay to Ranch A Fazenda 2021 and the former Pugliese started ‘Resta Um’. Marina was left in the dynamics and ended up on the fourth seat.

Who voted for the Seventh Farm for Vasanda 2021:

Ellen Mineiro voted for: Dynho Alves
Dynho Alves voted for: Solange Gomes
Diane Melo voted for: Dynho Alves
Erasmo Viana voted for: Solange Gomez
MC Gui voted for: Solange Gomes
Gui Araújo voted for A Fazenda 2021: Solange Gomes
Valentina Francavilla voted for: Dynho Alves
Solange Gomez voted for: Dino Alves
Rico Melquiades voted for: Dinho Alves
Arcrebian voted for: Dayane Mello
Marina Ferrari voted for: Diane Milo
Thiago Picuelo voted for: Mayledy Mihaeli
Mileide Mihaile voted for: Solange Gomes

Who was banned from testing farms?

Erasmo has been rejected due to the farmer hat dispute and has no chance of escaping the countryside of A Fazenda 2021, so the digital fitness influencer is already right there. The task of choosing someone to be rejected was Marina, this week’s fourth farmer.

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