January 27, 2023
Partial update indicates who will stay in Farm 2021 - DCI

Partial update indicates who will stay in Farm 2021 – DCI

The vote to decide who will be the 10th participant to be disqualified from 2021 Farm is up in the air. Arcrebiano, Gui Araújo and Dayane Mello are on the farm and one of them will be leaving the Record TV reality show on Thursday, November 25. See what the updated portion of this week’s cancellation vote, which will take place at R7, has to be said.

Partial R7 vote: Who will stay in Farm 2021?

According to a UOL poll, which indicates a portion of the likely outcome of the R7 vote, Archipano It is the most popular name on a farm this week at Fazenda 2021. The worker, who ended up in the hot seat after staying in the remaining seat, received 62.79% of the vote in the question “Who should stay on the farm?” . A high percentage of Bil is a week’s favorite.

UOL’s prediction was also confirmed in the DCI 2021 Farm survey. For 71.23% of the portal’s audience, Arcrebiano should remain on Record TV.

Gui Araújo, in his third field, is second in predictions for a portion of the R7 vote. The participant who went to the countryside the most in the House of Representatives received 20.48% of the vote. That means it’s Diane Melo, who finished third in the UOL poll, who should be left out this week. The model received only 16.70% of the vote.

In DCI, the order is repeated, although the percentages are different. Gui Araújo got 15.59% of the vote and will be saved for being the second most voted tonight. Diane Melo, who was also identified as the person who was left out, was voted on by 13.19% of internet users. See the detailed list of audience votes in the DCI poll, which anticipate the portion of the R7 vote:

Photo: DCI

Do you agree with part of the R7 vote for deletion this week? Vote in the DCI 2021 Farm Poll and answer: Who should stay?

Elimination Night: When and Where to Watch

The tenth cancellation of Fazenda 2021 is scheduled for Thursday, November 25, at 10:45 p.m. (Brazilian time), on Record TV and PlayPlus.

To watch online and follow up on cancellation, it is necessary to create a free recording on PlayPlus – the official broadcast of Record TV – using your name and email. With Internet access, just click on the “On Air” tab to access the same open channel signal. In addition to Fazenda 2021, it is also possible to watch all Record TV programs in this way.

Who Has Already Left Ranch 2021?

The lowest number of votes will be the 10th who gets the worst vote in 2021 Farm and leaves the program. See the odds this season and their percentage:

  • Lesian Gutierrez (26.15% of votes)
  • Mosonzinho (23.52% of the vote)
  • Erica Schneider (30.24% dos photos)
  • Victor Pecoraro (22.82% of votes)
  • Larry Botino (9.61% of the vote)
  • Tati Kibra Barako (15.78% of the vote)
  • Erasmo Viana (19.91% of the vote)
  • Thiago Picuelo (26.87% of the vote)
  • Valentina Francavilla (15.38% of the vote)