June 3, 2023
Partner Rapid: What does the new Peugeot truck with Fiorino body look like - 05/22/2022

Partner Rapid: What does the new Peugeot truck with Fiorino body look like – 05/22/2022

It may seem strange to those who don’t follow the car market closely, but after the creation of the Stellantis Group, which was formed from the merger of the PSA groups – from Peugeot and Citroën – and the FCA – from Fiat and Jeep – to give two examples it is natural to see an exchange of forces between the brands commercial. Something is happening now with the new Peugeot Partner Rapid, which is nothing more than the Fiat Fiorino signed by Peugeot.

So, if you meet someone on the street and want to know if it is a Fiorino or a Partner Rapid, the main difference is the French emblem stamped on the front grille, which also has a different design. Additionally, the Partner Rapid features turn signals in the mirrors, the model name on the side frame and, again, the French logo and model name on the rear doors.

Like the Fiorino, the Partner Rapid is a model built for work, which immediately leads us to understand that it doesn’t have a lot of frills. In the case of Partner Rapid, there are two final versions, Business and Business Pack, which differ in terms of the amount of equipment. And speaking of a little freshness, the 14-inch wheels are almost always cast iron with hub caps, and in the simplest version, the truck doesn’t offer power steering, steering wheel height adjustment or air conditioning.

The Business Pack Edition offers increased driver comfort, with height adjustments for the steering wheel, seat and seat belt. It’s also worth considering providing some care designed to ensure amenities for the small businessman working with the truck, such as strategic spaces for accessories on the panel and doors, including those designed to store a credit card machine.

Another important element for those who choose this type of vehicle is the size of the cargo compartment. It has an area of ​​3.3 cubic meters and a load capacity of 680 kg, with a rubber mat covering the entire cabin floor, lighting and doors that open up to 180 degrees.

good security package

Despite its simplicity, Partner Rapid has important security features. Electronic stability and traction controls, hill-start assist, and emergency braking alert are standard items.

The engine and transmission lineup is exactly the same as the Fiorino, which was formed by a popular 1.4 flexible eight-valve engine, with 86 horsepower and 12.2 kgf of torque, as well as a five-speed manual transmission.

With the arrival of Partner Rapid, Peugeot is strengthening itself in a segment that already has good representatives, such as the larger Expert and Boxer models. By the way, a market where it has a respectable share, today is 7.4%. It will also benefit from the high demand for this type of vehicle caused by the growth of express delivery services in urban areas, which are mainly stimulated during the epidemic period.

The model is a far cry from the Peugeot Partner already sold here that offers more space and comfort, but it hasn’t been a huge sales hit, as was the case with the brand’s Touring models. But now, with the Fiat Fiorino’s compact chassis – and the credibility of this conventional truck – it has great chances of doing well.

Peugeot Partner Express Prices

a job: 101,390.00 BRL

business package: 106.090.00 BRL