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Patate, Roan Sekou and Santos defeated Rondonense and advanced in Copina – 01/06/2022

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Patate, Roan Sekou and Santos defeated Rondonense and advanced in Copina - 01/06/2022
Patate, Roan Sekou and Santos defeated Rondonense and advanced in Copina - 01/06/2022

the Santos beat Rwanda 3-0 tonight (6), at Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara, and secured their place in the next stage of the Copa del Rey. football Advance beginner. The goals scored by Rowan Seko and Wesley Patati twice.

As a result, Alfinegro da Villa Belmiro has six points and shares Group H leadership with Ferroviarea. The two can no longer be accessed by operario and rondonins. With a goal difference, Mignos da Villa takes first place in parentheses.

The highlights of the match went to Rowan Sekou and Wesley Patate, who had recovered from Covid-19, and entered the second half and changed the match for Santos. The two are the team’s top scorer in Kopenia, with two goals each.

In the next round, Peixe faces Ferroviaria, the six-point key leader, and needs a win or a tie to finish the group stage in first place.

With Patati and Roan Sekou, Santos decides the match in the final stage

Coach Elder Campos went up to Santos with Diogenes. Sandro Perpetu, Gayer, Derek and Lucas Perez (Andre Quintino); Jonathan (Matthews Nunes), Joao Victor and Ruan Sekou (Nicolas Lobo); Lucas Barbosa (Pedrinho), Fernandinho (Wesley Patate) and Victor Michel (Ed Carlos). The team started the match with superiority, was afraid in the second minute of the match, and was fired by Lucas Barbosa.

At 11, after an open corner, Rwan Seco lost a good chance in the small area. At the age of twenty-two, after a play by Fernandinho and a failed defense, Rowan scored a goal, but the referee indicated a handicap that was not present. The ball reached the No. 10 shirt after a touch of defense making the goal legal. After the poorly allowed goal, the match ended evenly, with chances for both sides, but the first half ended goalless.

O Peixe started with the same momentum in the final stage, and after dangerous moves with Weslley Patati and Lucas Pires, he had the main opportunity – until then – to open the scoring. At ten, Batati invaded the area and was brought down by Anderson. He even applied for a penalty, but was persuaded by Roan Sekou, who missed the penalty after kicking too hard and hitting the crossbar.

After ten minutes of slight disagreement between the two candidates who took the penalty kick, the duo took advantage of their talent. Weslley Patati made a superb move, winning two marks and an accurate cross pass to Rwan Seco, who had already lost three scoring chances, complete with his chest, and eventually hit the net. It was the second goal of the 10 jersey, who had already scored a plate in the victory over Operario, in the first round.

The boys reversed the roles and returned to shine in the 35th minute, when Rowan Sekou received it in the penalty area and a cross for Patati to head it in. The No. 7 jersey produced a superb performance in Araraquara three minutes later, when he took the remainder from the entrance area, carried the ball and kicked it from the corner to score his second superb goal of the match, closing the account. In Fonte Luminosa.

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