May 31, 2023
Patch 1.04 Malinia bugs and frustrates players

Patch 1.04 Malinia bugs and frustrates players

.’s latest update elden ring, responsible for improving player damage and balancing spell use, seems to have greatly facilitated progression. However, an unexpected adjustment was reported on social media, and the fight against Malenia appears to be getting more complicated, with a buggy self-healing feature.

The situation gained repercussions on the web after the editor Demon 995 Share a video on your profile containing scenes from the fight against Mikaela’s sword. In the images, it can be seen that the boss’ HP regenerates without even hitting the Tainted, when the villain uses her long blade jigsaw. see below:

Malenia recovers without actually injuring the player after the patch, this is on PS5, I was called 8 times after the patch and it happened every time this is the last from Eldring

According to the player, the issue recurred every time his character was summoned and became recurring in PS5 After the release of patch 1.04. So far, the FromSoftware He did not comment on a possible repair, but the video notes a clear discrepancy in the tires where Malinia “understands” that she hit her executioner, even though it did not affect the hitting box or cause direct damage.

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The Elden Ring 1.04 patch, released last Tuesday (19), has some features, such as increased attack stats for all weapons and improved spells and magic. Also, he expanded the mission of NPC Patches and brought more events across the Midlands. click here to know more.