March 29, 2023

Paul refutes what Nicholas said about FGTS for those affected by the rain

Federal deputy Guilherme Paulos (Psol-SP) refutes Nicolás Ferreira’s (PL-MG) post on his social networks (Photo: Pablo Valladares/House of Representatives)

Federal deputy Guilherme Pauls (PSOL-SP) has responded to a comment from fellow federal deputy Nicolás Ferreira (PL-MG), which he posted on Twitter on Wednesday (22/2), which misled his followers by questioning the motives of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva . Incio Lula da Silva (PT) will not release FGTS to residents affected by the heavy rain.

Nicolás said, “Bolsonaro’s government has always issued FGTS to populations affected by natural disasters all over Brazil. Why doesn’t Lula do the same for the homeless in Baixada Santista? Incompetence or evil?” Contrary to what the Member of Parliament from Minas Gerais indicated, the location is the northern coast of São Paulo and not Baixada Santista.

The psolista replied: “Disinformation is a chronic problem of Bolsonarism. This person decided to charge today with a measure Lula announced two days ago. Ignorance or bad?”

On Monday (2/20), Caixa Econmica Federal announced the release of FGTS withdrawals for residents of the six destroyed cities. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is R$6,220. It is necessary that you have a balance in the account and you have not made a withdrawal in the last year for the same reason.

The governor of São Paulo, Tarxio de Freitas (Republican), decreed a state of emergency in the cities of São Sebastião, Bertioga, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, Bertioga and Guaruj.

So far, the government has confirmed 48 deaths, 1,730 displaced persons, and 766 displaced persons.