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Paulineha’s sister, her father, talks about the first symptoms: “It could be pregnancy’

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Published on 02/22/2022 10:55

    (Credit: @paulinhaabelha/Instagram/reproduction)

(Credit: @paulinhaabelha/Instagram/reproduction)

Singer Paulineha Abelha Member of Brita Pantiesis still in hospital in Intensive care unit of a private hospital in Aracaju. On Monday (21/2), the artist’s sister, Carla Abelha, gave an interview on the program City Alert SE He spoke about the first information the family received shortly after the band’s trip to São Paulo.

“There was information that she was nauseous and vomiting, and we thought it could be the pregnancy. When I got here in Aracaju, she continued to work in the same way and came to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, it was already recognized that he had a small problem with his stomach,” Carla said. kidneys and that there is renal failure.

According to her, the medical team still does not know the location of the injury that led to the injury of Paulinha Abelha, but they are conducting examinations to follow up the treatment. Carla also said that the family is optimistic about a Improve sister’s health And she did not wake up yet because of the sedatives she was given during treatment in the hospital.

“The doctor came here, the neurologist, to find out what problem caused this. He did a CT scan and in her brain everything is normal. A note came out saying he has brain failure, this does not exist, this is neglected, it is fake news. Heart, The pressure, the brain, everything is fine. You haven’t woken up yet because of the anesthesia. You have to reduce (the sedative) little by little,” he explained.

As for the sister, it is difficult to understand how this dangerous condition took hold so quickly. This is because, according to her, Paulineha has been in good health since childhood and always takes care of her health with regular routine check-ups.

“What I can say about Paula’s condition today is that she is stable. She is on antibiotics, she is not bloated at all and tends to get better. She is responding well to treatment and we will pray and pray for her to continue like this.”

report card

Medical bulletins are issued every day at 6 pm. In the most recent, the team reported that the patient’s neurological condition “has not changed” and that she remains on life support machines with daily renal support. Read the full note:

We inform you that patient Paula de Menezes Nascimento Leca Viana remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

The neurological picture remains unchanged, with no signs of hemodynamic instability, breathing with instrumental support and requiring dialysis support. It is still in the process of clinical investigation.

Blood Donation

At the end of Monday night, the Institute of Hematology and Hematology of Sergipe (IHHS) called on residents of Aracaju to donate O+ or O-blood to Paulinha Abelha. Interested parties should look for IHHS posts Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday, 4 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

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