July 23, 2024

Paulinha Abelha: The singer’s husband declares himself to the artist: “I love you”

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Paulinha Abelha: The singer's husband declares himself to the artist: "I love you"
Paulinha Abelha: The singer's husband declares himself to the artist: "I love you"

Model Clifino Santos, husband of Paulinha Abella, lead singer of Calcinha Preeta, spoke this morning with messages of love and hope for his wife’s recovery. the artist He’s been in a coma since last weekend..

And through the stories on Instagram, he posted videos of one of the artist’s performances from Calcinha Preeta with the message “God is with you” and left a comment saying that he was waiting for his lover to return.

“Hey! It wasn’t long before we got out of this,” Clevenio wrote. In another post, in which Paulinha’s performance is also shown, he declared himself: “I love you,” he wrote.

Paulineha Abelha's husband pays tribute to the singer on social networks - Reproduction / Instagram - Clone / Instagram

Paulinha Abelha’s husband praises the singer on social networks

Photo: Playback / Instagram

“The brain is working normally”

Singer Bill Oyever, from Calcinha Preeta, used the social networks ofInforming fans of Paulinha Abelha’s health condition.

“Good night my people, they are passing by to tell you the news: Thank God, I took the tests and found that there is no brain death. The brain is working normally, its urine levels are normal, saturation is normal,” he explained.

Bill Oliver also spoke about a change in the singer’s treatment: “The dialysis has been changed to a more advanced one that can last longer and thus remove more fluid from the body. So let’s keep praying. Thank God we are more comfortable and I am sure of That everything worked out.”


Polina, 43 years old, He was admitted to the hospital last weekend After feeling unwell during a tour in Sao Paulo. As soon as she arrived in the capital of Sergipe, she was taken to the hospital, where kidney problems were initially identified. After that, the group team stated splash That Paulineha has bacteria in her brain.

And according to the singer’s latest medical report released today, Paulineha is still in a coma in the intensive care unit (ICU) and breathing assisted equipment. The condition, according to the doctors, is clinically stable.

Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of Calcinha Preta - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of Calcinha Preta

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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