September 30, 2023
Paulinho, former Palmeiras target, confirms he wants to leave Germany

Paulinho, former Palmeiras target, confirms he wants to leave Germany

Credit: Disclosure / Bayer Leverkusen

And striker Paulinho, who was revealed by Vasco, the former goal of Miras, and the Olympic champion in Tokyo with the Brazilian national team, opened the match in an interview with O Globo newspaper and confirmed that he wanted to leave the German Bayer Leverkusen.

He said that although he has another year on his contract, his idea is to leave the German club now.

For me, my future is already decided. The club already knows that I don’t want to stay for next season.” Paulinho said about his departure. “They are well informed, and we are in the process of finalizing the bureaucratic part of the contract so we can leave.

Paulinho did not immediately explain the reasons for Bayer Leverkusen’s departure, but said it was “a good experience”.

I want fresh air. I spent four years in Germany. A very different culture. It is very difficult for the Brazilian to live and adapt here, although I managed to do it. It was a good experience. She also sustained a serious knee injury. It was a very difficult time. Even more during the pandemic. I spent a year and a half without returning to Brazil, without seeing a part of the family, ” Said Paulinho who managed to go to the Tokyo Olympics and win the gold medal.

I tried to go to the Olympics. I got it, I was an Olympic champion. Last season I played more at Bayer and finished well. I think it’s the best time to feel ready to go out and try a new experience and feel happy.

Return to Brazil is a possibility

Vasco’s sire, Paulinho, was a former target of Palmeiras, who actually questioned him on a few occasions, but did not send an agreement. Now, without mentioning the interested clubs, the striker admitted that he does not rule out a return to Brazil.

I don’t rule it out. There is Brazil and there is Europe. We know that the standard of Brazilian football is very good today. Unlike the past few years, said the player who followed him. “And there’s Europe, too. I’m already here, right? I searched several clubs.