July 24, 2024

Paulinho’s widow admits receiving monthly payments from Roba Nova

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UOL - O melhor conteúdo
UOL - O melhor conteúdo

Elaine Soares Bastoswidow Paulinho, from Nova clothesHe explained why he did not talk about the help he received from the group after this was revealed He will face financial difficulties and perform “jobs” in street commerce in Rio de Janeiro. According to her, A confidentiality agreement was reached so that information about the monthly amount donated would not be disclosed to the media.

“I was surprised by this statement from Roupa Nova because, in 2018, long before my husband believed he was going to die, he and the other band members made a pact and agreed that if any of them died, whoever remained would support the family. [do falecido] all sides. “, Eileen explained in a conversation with the journalist Carla Neves, from Quem . magazine.


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“Since there was a pandemic, they were without work, without show, and they are giving me as much help as possible at that moment. But a confidentiality agreement was made and they told me not to disclose this at all in the media and even among my friends. A pact was made that could not The two parties agreed to talk about assistance and my role was fulfilled.”widow said The singer who passed away in December last year.

Elaine Soares points out that she never imagined that Ropa Nova would make such a statement, claiming to donate the monthly amount to her, since then They made the secret deal.

“They are helping me and said that I cannot, under any circumstances, comment on help with anyone, and that this matter is strictly confidential. I have kept my end of the bargain. Otherwise I would have spoken out from the start because I have no reason to say they are not helping me”She said.

Paulinho’s widow also commented on The attacks he was receiving after the news spread. “Fan clubs call me rude and a liar. I was shamed because they broke the deal. But I didn’t say anything because the deal is a deal, and whoever has a character does it to the end. I’m being stoned by the band’s fans because I kept the deal. I’m in therapy and it makes me worse.” .even my psychiatrist increased my medication dose yesterday,” She said she was scared.

Not enough help

Although the monthly assistance he receives from Roupa Nova is considered very valid, Eileen explains that it’s still not enough for her to be able to support herself. Therefore, he chose to do some solo jobs at the end of the year.

“what are they [Roupa Nova] There is not enough that they can do to cover the expenses he has forced me to incur. Because I have no other place to live. If I do not pay for these condominiums and the IPTU, I am compelled to leave the apartment and have a real right to housing because I am proudly recognized as Paulinho’s wife. His legacy, if it were up to me, would never be forgotten or erased. Paulinho is irreplaceable, but now he is no longer suitable for others. But for me he will never cease to be my beloved and beloved husband, ” highlighted.

Understand the controversy

Last week, Eileen revealed in a conversation with the journalist Carla Neves, from Quem . magazineAnd who choose to perform some individual job as a peddlerAfter facing financial difficulties.

“Since Christmas week is approaching and I’ve been in the process of waiting for the official inventory and engagement – where I will only be able to follow my life through them, regardless of whether I work or not – I’ve reached out to my friend because I knew she had this store to see if she would give me Payment in 15 days before Christmas. So I can get some money. Because I’m broke,” mentioned.

Then, the Banda Clothes Nova consultant sent a report to Column by Fabia Oliveira, from EmOff, noting that since Paulinho’s death, in December last year, Eileen receives a monthly donation.

The band has always been a family that has been strengthened by decades of work and coexistence among its members. Regarding Elaine Dias, even in times of a pandemic that has harmed everyone’s life and livelihood due to lack of work, she has received a monthly payment as a donation from Film Nova. Any other information, particularly from those who prefer to remain anonymous, is incorrect.”, inform the note.

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