September 30, 2023
Paulo Sousa asks Flamengo players to have lunch at CT every day

Paulo Sousa asks Flamengo players to have lunch at CT every day

On Monday (10) Flamengo kicks off the 2022 season full of anticipation. The main cast reappeared this morning and began a suite of tests ranging from protocol against Covid-19 to assessments and physical exams.

The players also had the opportunity to communicate for the first time with Paulo Sousa and his coaching staff. The captain, who arrived in Rio last Friday (07), has been working overtime at Ninho do Urubu to speed up his adaptation to the new club.

After running a series of tests to detect cases of Covid-19, Flamengo will also conduct a lengthy investigation of the athletes to understand if any players have had cardiac complications, as the entire team has already tested positive at some point.

Therefore, players will be in Ninho do Urubu all day Monday (10), however, he will be the only one of the week full-time. On other days, activities will only take place in the morning. However, there is a stipulation on the part of Paulo Sousa that the entire cast eat lunch every day at CT.

Flamengo are scheduled to make their season debut on January 26, against Portuguesa, at Campeonato Carioca. However, the main team will gradually return from the fourth round of the competition.