December 8, 2022
Pawns need to answer themed questions to win the farmer experience - farm 14

Pawns need to answer themed questions to win the farmer experience – farm 14

This Wednesday (19), from 11 p.m., there is a test for farmers in farm 14! The feud is between Deolan, Cheyenne, and Lucas, who will do their best to escape the countryside and win the retarded crown.

Challenge is a board game in which a pawn needs to get answers to a quiz in order to walk to the final destination: the farmer’s hat. The farmer has the possibility to move two spaces if he points a pawn from the headquarters which will miss the test answer.

Each participant begins the game with five cards (one from each category), the theme of which is about science, mathematics, arts, travel, and diversity.

If a pawn gets the correct test, it moves one space on the board. If you make a mistake, stay where you are. Next, the participant chooses a pawn from the headquarters to answer the same question. If the chosen one gets the wrong answer, the farmer moves another space on the board. But if the chosen one reaches the answer, the pawn will be stopped in the same square on the board.

The first pawn to get home with a farmer’s hat design wins the test and becomes the new owner of the container. Whoever loses joins Thomaz in Roca this week, whose elimination will take place on Thursday (20).

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, farm 14 Air from Monday to Sunday at nights TV recording. arrive to Play Plus And follow 24 hours a day everything that happens in Celero de Lindas.