February 1, 2023

Pay attention to the foods you eat, some of them can make you tired

It is common to see people constantly complaining of physical or mental fatigue. Many residents associate this with stressful routines, daily work, or lack of a good night’s sleep. Although these reasons are related, what many people don’t know is that food It has a strong effect on this, and can end up making you more tired than usual. Here are some foods that cause fatigue🇧🇷

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There are some foods that make your body tired.

According to studies published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, some ingredients should not be included in your diet to avoid fatigue and lack of energy, namely:

1. High-fat meat

It is important to eat lean meat, such as chicken or pork, for example. This is due to the fact that meat, which is high in fat, can cause chronic fatigue.

2. White bread

Since it is a food that contains very little fibre, the consumption of white bread may be directly related to symptoms associated with fatigue.

3. Sweets

A glucose peak can be reached through the consumption of sweets, which is soon followed by a decline. This is when the process can slow down. Therefore, always give preference to sweets without sugar or bitter chocolate.

4. Soft drinks

It is interesting to avoid eating foods high in corn syrup and fructose, as the likelihood that you will feel tired is high. Soft drinks, for example, are on this list.

5. Alcohol

Not many people know, but there are many studies that indicate that alcohol consumption can cause dehydration in the body after consuming it. In the case of people who often feel tired, it is important to reduce or eliminate the consumption of these drinks.