July 22, 2024

Pay double for PIS/Pasep in April; Find out if you are entitled to

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Noticias Concursos
Noticias Concursos

As of March 31, workers who did not receive the salary bonus PIS / Pasep The base year 2019 may require back-dated funds. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, about 154,000 people are entitled to these benefits.

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In addition to the salary bonus amounts, citizens can and will also remain until June 1, 2025, to withdraw shares PIS / Pasep If they are entitled. The feature is waiting to be redeemed by more than 10 million workers.

2019 salary bonus

According to the announcement by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, workers who did not withdraw the salary bonus for the base year 2019 will be able to withdraw the money this year.

As we mentioned, about 154 thousand workers did not withdraw PIS / Pasep In 2020, in this sense, the amount referring to 2019, of 208.5 million R$, has been forgotten.

However, it should be noted that the benefit can only be withdrawn by those who have fulfilled the 2019 government requirements. In this sense, the worker needs to:

  • To be registered in PIS / Pasep For at least five years in 2019;
  • They earned a minimum average wage of a maximum of two in 2019;
  • have engaged in a remunerated activity of a legal entity, for at least 30 consecutive or non-consecutive days in 2019;
  • In addition, the company must have correctly sent the workers data in the RAIS (Annual Social Information Report).

For more information and to request reimbursement of overdue funds, the operator can call the Alô Trabalhador Central Center on 158, or through the CTPS Digital app available for Android and iOS.

It is also possible to send the application via e-mail. In this case, instead of the two letters “uf” in the electronic address, the citizen must replace them with the abbreviation of the state in which he resides.

PIS / Pasep . classes

According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal, about 10.6 million people can withdraw quotas PIS / Pasep, which raises more than 23 billion Brazilian riyals. In short, it is intended for citizens who worked under an official contract between 1971 and October 4, 1988.

Deadline for withdrawing values ​​from PIS / Pasep It will expire on June 1, 2025. Amounts not withdrawn after this date will be considered obsolete, with the Federal Government being the new owner.

It should be noted that in the event of the death of the pregnant woman, his heir or his dependents may withdraw the benefit. In regards to rescuing the surviving worker, just go to Caixa branch and present an original identification document.

As for the heirs or dependents of the deceased workers, they must show documents that prove the alleged circumstances, such as:

  • The death certificate of the holder and the declaration of the dependent who is entitled to a death pension issued by the National Institute of Social Security; or
  • Death certificate and certificate or declaration of a dependent eligible for death pension issued by the company; or
  • Court order designating the beneficiaries of the withdrawal; or
  • General inventory voucher.

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