October 1, 2022
Payment released today (01/09)?  Find out how to apply for a loan and see the BRAZIL SEPTEMBER AUXILIA LOAN

Payment released today (01/09)? Find out how to apply for a loan and see the BRAZIL SEPTEMBER AUXILIA LOAN

a Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil They will be released to the beneficiaries next September, Ronaldo Pinto, Minister of Citizenship, said at a press conference.

At the beginning of August, it was President Jair Bolsonaro He passed a law to allow this type of credit. A decree regulating concessions was issued two weeks ago, but some measures prevent the granting of credit.

When will the AUXILIO BRAZIL loan be launched?

Despite the punishment, some criteria still need to be defined in the Ministry of Citizenship, among them Supplementary Standards So that financial institutions can start credit operations.

According to the ministry, the rules are expected to be published early next month. from here, The loan can be released to Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries in September.

“The law was ratified, the president passed it, and shortly afterwards the president signed a decree. And the decree is a system for granting, licensing and approving these companies, and a series of documents as well. And I think that until the beginning of next month, it will be completely regulated,” Pinto said at a press conference in Palacio de Planalto.

Banks reject Brazilian aid loan

Large private banks said that You will not offer a credit limit. between them, Bradesco, Itaú, Santander, Nubank, BMG. According to the minister, this does not mean that the market is not interested in providing credit linked to Auxílio Brasil.

“Today we already have approximately 17 financial institutions approved by the Ministry of Citizenship that are able to grant salary loans. A number that demonstrates the market interest in providing salary loans to this population.”The minister commented without giving names.


anyone receives Brazil Aid You can apply for the loan from the banks that offer this method.

According to the government, More than 20 million families will receive the payment by the end of August. Persons registered with BeContinuous Payment Advantage (BPC) They were also released for providing a payroll loan.

Auxílio Brasil loan will be released when? paying off – Brazil Agency


Entities and experts criticize the show By credit sent helps Brazil. They say that this procedure is dangerous, after all the benefit resources are usually used for basic survival expenses.

With the loan, however, the citizen can get Up to 40% of the amount received discounted.


Is there a maximum loan amount for AUXILIA Brazil?

The A law passed by deputies and senatorsAnd, with the approval of the President of the Republic, it is determined that the repayment of installments to the bank cannot use more than 40% of the amount received, amounting to 400 Brazilian riyals.

Therefore, there is no maximum amount, as long as the premium does not exceed R$160 per month to repay the debt.

When will the Auxílio Brasil loan be released?