July 21, 2024

Payroll loans should be released in September

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Payroll loans should be released in September
Payroll loans should be released in September

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More than 20 million Brazilians will be able to apply for loan Posted by Auxílio Brasil in the coming months. Appreciation from the Ministry of Citizenship, the ministry responsible for setting rules and regulating credit. With this, anyone interested can apply for payroll loans, receive money and deduct the installments every month from their benefit installments. So, to find out more, check below.

Auxílio Brasil: loans discounted from payroll should be released in September

First, it is necessary to say that all citizens entitled to Auxílio Brasil can apply for loan. However, not everyone has to order the shipment. Simply submit this application if you wish. Also, you have to think about whether it is really worth taking that money now. After all, you will end up with monthly debt related to the installments, which the government will deduct month after month.

According to experts, a salary loan from Auxílio Brasil may be a good idea, as long as you need this amount in case of emergency. However, if you are thinking of getting this loan to invest money or buy unnecessary things, it may not be a good option. This is because, in addition to the discounted installment issue, there is an interest charge on this amount.

Finally, in a recent interview, the Citizenship Minister stated that the salary loan from Auxílio Brasil should be released as of September. The law has already been passed and signed into law by the President. It is important to remember that the allocable margin will be 40%, which means that you will only be able to commit 40% of the assistance amount to the loan installment.

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