August 8, 2022

Pedrero’s glove receives summons at the airport; Falco criticizes the former agent

Photo: clone / Instagram

Glove de Pedreiro received a court summons while returning from a trip to Morocco

Iran Ferreira, better known as Luva de Pedreiro, was surprised on Saturday by the court summons. The document was received by the justice officer when he was at the airport, upon his arrival in Brazil, after he carried out an agenda in Morocco.

“Speak to my troops. I just arrived from Morocco, guys, tired and looking forward to seeing my family. When I arrived at the airport, full of people, I received a summons. I never expected this. I did that, for God’s sake, to be summoned?”

Former futsal player Falco, the new in charge of his career, has responded to what happened to Luva de Pedreiro. He considered this a major embarrassment to his new business partner.

“I woke up to the news of a court summons in front of everyone. The boy went to Morocco and did what the former businessmen did. But using this information from the trip, arrival, to summon the court and inexplicable embarrassment of the boy .. you have contact with lawyers, go to Justia. Let the boy live ” , answer me.

Problems between Mason’s glove and an ex-businessman

Since last month, Lofa de Pedrero has been on the hook with former businessman Alan Jesus. The influencer threatened to abandon social media, accusing the former agent of censoring him on social media. In addition, there are also questions about contract values ​​related to Iran Ferreira.