March 26, 2023

Pedrino and Ricardinho questioned the additions of Sergipe and Botafogo; Noriega says the host club should demand compensation from the CBF

Controversy follows regarding the (correct) additions made by referee Braulio da Silva Machado, which allowed Botafogoin the 54th minute of the second half, scored with a 1-1 tie Sergipe And qualify for the second stage of Brazil Cup.

During SporTV’s “exchange of cards”, commentators Pedrino that it Ricardino He did not agree to the additions, even after hearing the opinion of former referee Paulo Cesar Oliveira in “Central do Abeto.” For them, if Botafogo had won, the referee would have ended the match early.

– The referee would have 500 arguments to defend the most he gave, but under the normal state of the game, he had to end the match. There was already a corner, there was another corner, the time expired 30 seconds after the minute he gave, the game is over! With all due respect, game over. It’s true what Dida (Sergipe’s goalkeeper) said, Pedrino said, if it were the other way around it would end up happening.

– If it were the other way around, in a game like today, it would have ended just in time. This is the reality in football, we all know that. We don’t have the referee’s timer, but if it’s Sergipe’s corner and it’s 1-0 to Botafogo, he won’t let the corner pass, – completed Riccardinho.

Commentator Mauricio Noriega went further and defended that Sergipe is going to the CBF to claim compensation or claim the shares he would have had if he had managed to qualify (900,000 R$).

– There is a financial loss for Sergebe. This class will most likely be for a whole year in Sergipe. To analyze everything that happened, Sergipe has to ask the CBF for reimbursement. If he considers himself damaged and has the elements to do so, he should at least claim a share of the combined force. Sergipe has reason to complain – he said.