February 5, 2023

Pedro and Gabigol score, Flamengo defeats Portuguesa in Viter Pereira’s debut

In his first team debut in 2023, he was Flamingo Over 51,000 fans responded to the Maracanã, on a sunny Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, beating Portuguesa 4-1 on Gabigol and Pedro with jerseys 10 and 9 respectively. Fabricio Bruno and Thiago Maia rounded out the scoring, while striker Edson Karius scored for Lusa in the first half.

With the result, Rubro-Negro continues to achieve 100% success in the Carioca tournament: two victories in two rounds – one of them in an early match of the fifth round of the Guanabara Cup. In the second round of the Guanabara Cup, Flamengo returns to the field on Wednesday, at 7 pm, against Madureira at the Estadio Clipper Andrade, in Carriasica, Espírito Santos. Portuguesa, at 21 o’clock, receives Boavista in Luso Brasileiro.

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The match against Portuguesa was the first appearance of Viter Pereira in charge of Flamengo. Putting the best out of the field, the Portuguese coach has already given some indication of what he thinks of the team going into the season. For example, Gerson – another attraction upon re-debut – was chosen to form the duo with Thiago Maia in place of João Gomes, who was sold to Wolverhampton (ING). On the right side, Varela was a replacement for Rodini, another player who left the club this season.

Moreover, while maintaining the rule, Flamengo had no problems imposing their style of play and completely controlling Portuguesa. With scale, the first target for 2023 was only a matter of time.

After a year, it’s over, and there are goals from them!

Vitor Pereira’s team started with a greater presence on the right side, but the goal was on Ayrton Lucas’ first trip to the finish line. After receiving it from Arrascaeta, the fullback moved to Pedro. Flamengo’s new No. 9 opened the scoring at the Maracanã in the 12th minute.

With 60% possession in the first half, the team continued to dominate the game. Portuguesa, in turn, could not approach the Santos area. Even working at low intensity, Flamengo did better and stretched out with Gabigol. Receiving from Pedro, the new 10 adjusted the ball and finished powerfully, into the left corner from João Lopes: 2 to 0 in the 41st minute.

Karius does not overlook the mistake of Ayrton Lucas

In this context, Llosa will only be able to discount before Flamengo fails to break. And that’s what happened at the age of 43. In an unassuming kick, Ayrton Lucas furiously backed up, with a header, to Santos. Forward Edson Karius took advantage of the mistake and touched the goalkeeper’s exit to reduce: 2 to 1.

Pedro’s services and Fabricio Bruno’s calmness!

It didn’t take Flamengo several minutes in the second half to deliver victory again. At six, Pedro picked it up in the area, put in a great one-on-one and was played for Fabricio Bruno. Free in the second package, the defender had all the calmness to push the ball into the net: 3 to 1!

Control, play and guaranteed victory!

The intensity of the match, which was no longer high, decreased further after Flamengo’s third goal. Portuguesa didn’t show the ability to respond, and with David Luiz, Gerson and company free to trade passes, Vitor Pereira’s side only managed the advantage. After the hydration break, the technician started flipping. Marinho, Matheusinho and Everton Cipollínha were the first to enter. Chileans Vidal and Polgar came in shortly after.

Despite the changes made by Felipe Sorian, in Lusa the script remained the same. In the 41st minute, Thiago Maya sealed the victory, finishing strongly after a great move between Gabigol and Matheusinho, who reached the finish line and crossed, looking for the number 8 shirt.

data sheet
Portuguese Flamingo 4×1

stadium: Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
date and time: January 15th at 6 p.m
Rule: Alex Gomez Stefano
Assistants: Luiz Claudio Regazzoni and Gustavo Mota Correa
Income/Audience: 1,660,773.00 R$ / 49,964 payments / 51,994 gifts

Objectives: Pedro (1-0, 12/1st), Gabigol (2-0, 41 min/1), Edson Karius (2-1, 43 min/1), Fabricio Bruno (3-1, 6 ft/sec) and Thiago Maya (4-1, 41 min / T2)

yellow card: he was not there.
red card: he was not there.

FLAMENGO (Coach: Vítor Pereira)

saints. Varela (Mathuzinho, 22 min / 2ºT), Fabricio Bruno, David Luiz and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Gerson (Erik Polgar, 28 min / T2), Everton Ribeiro (Marinho, 22 min / T2) and Arascaita (Everton Cipolineha, 22 min / T2); Gabigol and Pedro (Vidal, 28 min/T2).

Portugal (Coach: Philippe Sorian)

Joao Lopez Watson, Gerson, Fredson and Yuri; Charles, Joao Paulo (Rooney, 36 min / T2), Vinicius Case (Fernandez, Intervalo) and Anderson Rosa (Lucas Santos, 19 min / T2); Jean Carlos (Cafu, 19ft/t2) and Edson Karius (Gilmar, 25ft/t2)