May 30, 2023
Pedro Biel standing with his daughters 2 and 4 years old and showing their faces

Pedro Biel standing with his daughters 2 and 4 years old and showing their faces

Pedro surprises Biel and Maria Prata by posing with their daughters in a rare appearance together

journalist Pedro Biel He was surprised when he made a very rare appearance with his journalist wife too Maria Prata. The two have been married since 2015. They are the proud father of two young girls. The couple’s eldest daughter Laura is four years old and the youngest, Dora, is two years old.

Both the famous presenter and his wife are very conservative about their personal lives. In their profiles on a social network, Bial and Maria use it to publish their professional work. With this said, public appearances for the couple and even virtual appearances are very rare. The journalist still makes some exceptions for sharing great moments with her daughters, but she always avoids showing their faces.

this time, Pedro Bielphotographed his wife and daughters paparazzi On a family outing! The two girls stood holding the famous mother’s legs, while Biel and his wife smiled. They were present at the guest presentation of the premiere of “Pluft the Phantom”“.

The feature is an adaptation of the work of Maria Clara Machado and directed by Rosanne Svartman. The story cast also includes actresses Fabiola Nascimento and Giuliano Cazari. Maria Prata referred to the trip for the kids as an option for holiday activity. “Do you have a child at home? Run to the cinema. Do you have an adult at home? Run too?”, advised the journalist.

In addition to the little girls, the journalist has 5 more children. The eldest is Anna, 34, the result of Biel’s marriage to journalist Rene Castelo Branco. Biel still has two more children by heart from this relationship: Joao and Marina. Theo, 23, is the result of his marriage to actress Julia Gumm. The youngest child, Jose Pedro, is 18 years old. The young man is a son Pedro Biel With director Isabel Diggs.

Brazil News Agency Pedro Biel poses with Maria Prata and their two daughters at the cinema

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