July 22, 2024

Pedro cites Neymar and Willian as idols and designs titles with the Corinthians shirt

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Pedro cites Neymar and Willian as idols and designs titles with the Corinthians shirt
Pedro cites Neymar and Willian as idols and designs titles with the Corinthians shirt

Considered one of the greatest gems in the base of Corinth, the striker PedroAt just 15 years old, she was the last interviewee on the Filhos do Terrão series. Production, carried out Corinthian TV, sought to give more details about the lives of the players who played in the latest edition of Copina.

Debuting in the U-20 class in Copa Sao Paulo, Pedro told his path to becoming a Corinthians player, revealing his idols and plans for the future. The boy, who played in four matches in the championship and scored one goal, was born on February 5, 2006 and has a contract with Timao until April 30, 2023.

“I am from Osasco, my whole family is from Osasco, but now we are here in Tatuap. I started playing with the Barueri when I was seven, I played until I was eight, and when I was eight I played against Corinthians, and I think it was a semi-final match. They loved me and I came to futsal. From futsal under 9, I played indoors, under 10 and 11, I went up on the field, but I continued to play in futsal and on the field, but I had to choose. I decided to stay on the court which I thought was best for me, but futsal helped a lot because of my short dribbling, those things and then I stopped with 12 in futsal“, It is to explain.

Trained in indoor soccer, he played most of 2021 in the U-15 and U-17 categories, scoring six goals in 14 matches he played. The boy fell in love with Phil during Kupina for showing him many important characteristics, as he described them himself and said that he admired her in idols.

“Fetish Lee Ho Neymar. I think he’s a complete player, he has the finishing touches, the skill, the speed and I really love to see him play. William Also for speed, dribbling and raçudo too, I’d love to see him play. I play as a winger and I also play as a central attacker. My characteristics are speed, I think dribbling, tightening and good shooting“, He said.

He scored against Sao Jose in the last round of the group stage in Copinea. Pedro became the youngest athlete to score for the club in the tournament this century, surpassing Lolinha, Joe, Leo Arthur, and Malcolm. The boy, despite the raised status of the phenomenon, says that he is calm and collects dreams for the future.

“I used to play video games, but I don’t anymore. I watch more cell phones, I play games on cell phones, I watch behind the scenes on YouTube, and I am calm. My dream is to be a professional in Corinthians, to win the title, make the fans happy, and I think I will also make it to Europe. I make my name a little bit here in Corinthians, when I have my name I play a little bit in Europe,” he said.

About to turn 16, the boy tends to gain more chances on the U-17 and U-20 team, as he leaves to play in the U-15, where he wrote one of his favorite stories for Timão.

“I think we lost in the U-15 category in Bosnia and Herzegovina Fluminense from 5 to 0, I scored four goals, and I think that worked well for me. I didn’t score many goals in one match, I scored four goals and one assistI think that’s what I share with everyone in my family too, and I’m very happy with that. My goal was more than a transmission, Bahia was throwing the ball at me, I would take it from behind and finish it. One I also stole from the defender and gave but it wasn’t like dribbling, that stuff, it was just a transition,” he concluded.

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