March 21, 2023
Pedro Raul speculated at Flamengo that Sao Paulo's proposal would be rejected

Pedro Raul speculated at Flamengo that Sao Paulo’s proposal would be rejected

The striker has been without a club since last Monday (14)

With the end of the 2022 season, it was Flamingo He already sets the targets on the market for 2023. One of the names Fella has already said publicly is midfielder Gerson, from Olympique de Marseille (France). Striker Pedro Raul is speculated on Mengão. And the athlete has been without a club since last Monday (14) when he announced his departure from Goyas. Deputy top scorer in the Brazilian league, a player on the rise in the market and rejected an offer from Sao PauloThis Wednesday (16).

The attacker did not agree to go to Sao Paulo, as he understands that it will be Calleri’s seat in the Tricolor Paulista. In the FlamingoIt should be noted that Pedro Raul will most likely arrive as a backup, but for Pedro and Gabigol. The player rejection information was initially published by ESPN. Since the beginning of the month, the gaucho name has been linked to at least one other Five clubs from the Italian league: Atlético MGBotafogo CorinthiansBasques and Sea trip.

Earn money with Flamingo wins

Pedro Raul is 25 years old Goyas at the beginning of this season. For the Emerald club, there were 50 matches, with 2 assists and 26 goals scored, including 19 in the Brazilian championship. The athlete started his club career in Rio Grande do Sul and moved to Vitória de Guimarães in Portugal. Back in Brazil, he still played in Atletico Joe and Botafogo. Between 2021 and 2022, he defended Kashiwa Reysol (Japan) and Juarez (Mexico).

With or without Pedro Raul, the Flamingo He will return from his vacation at the end of or after the World Cup, which runs until December 20. Meanwhile, fans will follow Pedro, Everton Ribeiro, Arascaita and Guillermo Varela in the World Cup, as well as follow the market news.

In the year 2023, the Flamingo It will compete for seven titles: Carioca, Supercopa, Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro, Libertadores, Recopa Sol Americana, in addition to the 2022 World Cup that was left for the next season precisely because of the World Cup. Mais Querido’s first commitment will be against Portuguesa, on the weekend of January 14th and 15th, in the State Championship.